Have You Checked Your Facebook Privacy Settings (One More Time)?

I’m using Facebook, and I really want to take my profile privacy settings seriously. I mean, this is my account and I want to have every settings (especially related to privacy) are correct. I know, it’s something personal. Some people also think that privacy is dead. You can have your own settings. I think more people does not really care about this. Well, not that they don’t care, but it’s more about ignoring it. No?
I just found a tool (hat tip: Read Write Web) to check my Facebook privacy settings. This tool will help me — and you, too — to check one more time about my privacy settings. This tool can be found at ReclaimPrivacy.org. What does this tool do? When you’re using this tool:

You will see a series of privacy scans that inspect your privacy settings and warn you about settings that might be unexpectedly public.

So, it’s a web-based tool. You don’t have to download any software. Just use the simple bookmarklet there. About the result, you can follow the advisory, or ignore it. I checked mine, and I got this (based on my current privacy settings):

It says:

  • insecure: Instant Personalization is is currently sharing personal information with non-Facebook websites.
  • good: all of your personal information is at restricted to your friends or closer
  • good: all of your contact information is at restricted to your friends or closer
  • good: all of your friends, tags, and connections information is at restricted to your friends or closer
  • insecure: your friends can accidentally share your personal information.
  • good: you have blocked all known applications that could leak your personal information

I didn’t ignore this and I wanted to make sure about the settings marked as “insecure”. Did I adjust the “insecure” settings? Yes, but not all of them. I left one of the advisory settings without any changes. The most important things is: I’ve decided to use Facebook, and understand the risks.