Google Supports IMAP

After giving more storage for its Gmail users (I have 4 Gb of right now), starts to give IMAP support. Google Help Center already mentioned about Supported IMAP Client List. But it seems that not all accounts got this feature. I checked both in my and Google Apps, I still haven’t got the options to enable the IMAP settings, only POP.
Why is IMAP integration a good thing for Gmail?

POP was a stepping stone, but IMAP pushes Gmails benefits over the top. With IMAP, users can now access their via a like Outlook or Thunderbird, read emails, make changes, delete, and have the changes made across platforms. So if you now log into your Gmail , the message which you read in Thunderbird, will now be marked accordingly. No more wasting time trying to sift through emails that had already been answered. (source)

Okey, I’ll wait.

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yeah some friends of mine talked about this IMAP thing over jaiku. what is it for, exactly? and how does it work? beneran saya gak ngerti :D
btw, yg duduk deket2 saya kemaren…yang mana maksudnya ya? mbak mariskova, mbilung, hedi, ndorokakung? sopooooo??? :p