Google Apps custom URL

Are you using Google Apps for your domain? Now, you can have a custom URL for your Google Apps addresses. For example, if you have host your email for your domain using Google Hosted email service, your login URL will be something like, or Now, you can make your own email login address e.g.
All you need to do is just login to your Google service control panel, create a custom URL, and create/add a CNAME record.
You can have a custom URL for your other Google service e.g. Google Calendar.



  1. interesting..
    but there is one issues when someone using google mail hosted, generally all email will forwarded to gmail inbox automaticaly. But in some case , the mail is still going to domain inbox, and it called bulk mail, and of course its eating my disk space quota.

  2. Thom.. dari dulu saya malah saya direct dari domain saya…
    lha susah e kalo misale harus pake “”, kepanjangan , wong dulu belom ada (red:belom tahu) fasilitas “create/add cname record” :D

  3. Kusaeni, the reason why I use Google Apps for domain service is that I can have its service using my own domain… And, AFAIK, Google mail has a very powerful spam filter. And, yes… email size does matter.. :)
    Adhi, nah, dengan forwarding memang dari dulu bisa. Sekarang, “bener-bener” halaman login. :D

  4. Yes, but it still redirects to… I thought the gmail interface will appear under my domain name…

  5. Sebenarnya tanpa teknik ini, dengan cara kita masukan sendiri dihalaman redirect kita melaui CPANEL atau manajemen lain, juga akan melaukkan hal yang sama seperti Google tadi :D

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