Goodbye Nokia E72!

Nokia E72No, not that I hate my E72. I lost it. Last Monday, I reached my hometown for holiday. I liked the fact that I finally got home without loosing anything. A perfect situation. :)
On the evening, I had plan to have dinner with my girl. That should be a nice dinner. But, it turned into bad situation when I realized that I didn't have my E72 with me. That was the time when all food were on the table. I haven't touched anything — well, not really ‘anything', but only some peanuts. Last time I remembered was that when I was in a taxi. I called the taxi operator and worked with the guy on the phone. I even called the taxi driver and asked him to pick us again. No luck. In short: I lost my phone. Now, I only have 5800XM with me.

It was the first time I lost my phone. And, I think I just started to love my E72. Since I don't have it with me anymore, I canceled some plans I made with the phone like making some video episodes using it for my videoblog, exploring , and more. But, I also feel lucky to get chances to work with it — I only had it with me for about 3 months, anyway. And, what made it worse is that I was not easy to find at that time. I visited more than 6 phone shops and ended at Depok with little bit higher price. And, there was only one item in stock. came to my plan at that time, but after comparing some features, I think I made a right decision.
I was waiting for few weeks to share my experience with this toy, but since I don't have it with me anymore I will share how I use it. You can call it a review if you want.
Note: This is NOT a sponsored review. I wrote this based on my personal experience and observation.
The first thing I did was to make Ovi work. When I fired up the phone, I it took few seconds to recognize my location using built-in GPS. Great. Since I also have my 5800 XM synchronized with , I just synchronized the data into my E72. Easy, without any issue. It took some moments to experience its full QWERTY keyboard — yes, it's my first phone with full QWERTY keyboard.


Nokia E72 equipped with 5 MP camera. I forgot which picture I took for the first time. This is an example of the taken using the camera. When I took this object, the weather was a little bit cloudy. But, I like the final result.
Compared to my Nokia 5800 XM, I like E72 camera results. And, I took more pictures with it. I used in in some occasions like when I made Jakarta Carnival 2010 and Festival Jajanan Bango videos. The videos were not taken using camera phone. I use the camera to take as additional information for those episodes.
You can go directly to Jakarta Carnival 2010 and Festival Jajanan Bango photosets to see more sample photos. All photos were taken from my camera phone, without editing process.
What about videos? I couldn't find any single video in my laptop right now to show you the video quality output. But, I just realized that I did a video streaming few times. You can go to my Qik Channel to see some sample videos. Please not that the real results should be much better. For my video streaming settings, I use the lower quality to reduce the delay.

Other notes

I decided to buy this phone because of my work too. I can check , managed some accounts, checking Facebook (sometime), and also messaging. In short, this phone can increase my productivity. Or, I will say that it helps me to be connected with the internet and doing some online activities almost without any big issues.
But anyway, I don't have it with me anymore. I can accept this. Yeah, it was my bad and unlucky day. I hope whoever who has my phone now can get a great experience like what I had. So, for my phone's new owner: enjoy! I just upgraded the phone software on the day I lost it, and I have installed some Ovi applications there. If you like World Cup, I still have Vuvuzela app there too.