Garuda Indonesia GA-200 crashed in Jogjakarta

Today, another plane Garuda Indonesia Boing 737-400 (GA-200) crashed in Jogjakarta. I heard this news for the first time from Jogja TV (the local TV station) by phone. She — I think she is a Jogja TV reporter — told me the story (about the plan accident). Then, she asked me about Mr. Suwardjono‘s phone number — he is my uncle. I think she got info that Mr. Suwardjono was one of the passengers.

I directly gave her his phone number (also his house, and his wife’s). I had no idea what happened at that time. I was cleaning my room when I got the call. I was not in front of my computer. I did not watch television. I was panic.
Then, I dialed Suwardjono’s mobile number. He replied. We had a brief conversation. He told me that he was fine, his seat was near the emergency exit. Thank God! Having got the information from him, I went back to my computer, reading the news. Oh my…
I sent an email to his daughter in US, to let her know about the accident (and tell her that her dad is fine).
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  1. syukurlah kalau selamat :) banyak warga ugm yang ikut di situ ya? bahkan pak mantan rektor juga belum ada kabarnya sampai saat ini…

  2. baru dengar juga nih! kaget banget… udah cukup deh adam air on new year! masih ditambah ini juga???

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