Garuda Indonesia GA-200 crashed in Jogjakarta

Today, another plane Garuda Indonesia Boing 737-400 (GA-200) crashed in Jogjakarta. I heard this news for the first time from Jogja TV (the local TV station) by phone. She — I think she is a Jogja TV reporter — told me the story (about the plan accident). Then, she asked me about Mr. Suwardjono‘s phone number — he is my uncle. I think she got info that Mr. Suwardjono was one of the passengers.

I directly gave her his phone number (also his house, and his wife’s). I had no idea what happened at that time. I was cleaning my room when I got the call. I was not in front of my computer. I did not watch television. I was panic.
Then, I dialed Suwardjono’s mobile number. He replied. We had a brief conversation. He told me that he was fine, his seat was near the emergency exit. Thank God! Having got the information from him, I went back to my computer, reading the news. Oh my…
I sent an email to his daughter in US, to let her know about the accident (and tell her that her dad is fine).
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