Flickr Homepage New Design

New Flickr Home Page
I think Flickr homepage new is much better, that’s what I feel. Even the new design has not been rolled out for public, but you can have it now. Read Flickr blog for more details about the new design.
So, what’s hot there? Here are few things I found/like:

  • The main content (column) — it’s on the left — has more useful items.
  • On the front page, you will have this “box”.
    • Your recent . It’s 5 now instead of 4 photos, and recent activity info. You can toogle between these menus, and your settings is saved automatically. will remember your recent “tabs”.
    • Your contact — We can see 10 photos, not only 4.
    • Photos from Groups. If you’re joining groups in Flickr, you’ll see the recent photos from certain groups. And, it seems that they’re displayed in random order.
    • If you like to explore photos in Flickr, there is another random items on the bottom area. Click the refresh , and you’ll get different content.
    • New post from Flickr blog resides on the top sidebar.
    • There is also random tips (?) for Flickr users. For example it says: You can post photos straight to your blog from Flickr!, It’s the “dos” and “don’ts” of Flickr citizenship, Making your own posters, or backup disks is easy, etc. Click the refersh icon to randomize it.
  • The recent activity is improved. If you go to .. you’ll see the differences. You can made some adjustments about the activity settings. If you’re Flickr Pro user, some short stats about your photos is available from that page.
  • On the recent activity page, we can stop the updates/changes from certain items. There is an icon/menu says “Mute activity on this item”.

Overall impression? It looks great! And anyway, this is our (Lala and I) Flickr photostream page.