Feedburner PRO features for everyone

After being acquired by Google last month, Feedburner gives its PRO features for everyone. We can enjoy two paid- for free now: TotalStats and MyBrand.

  • TotalStats
  • MyBrand — you can have more personalized address for your feeds. You can have feed addresses using your own . For example, you can have http://feeds.yourdomain.com/blogfeed/ instead of http://feeds.feedburner.com/your-blog-feed/ (more info)

For the MyBrand feature, it seems that we have to contact Feedburner first to get this activated for our . I have sent a request, and let’s see… I am looking forward to this features.
Thank you Feedburner! And, thank you !

2 replies on “Feedburner PRO features for everyone”

So Interesting.
Thanks for the information, I love feedburner and … sorry Gog!
And the MyBrand feature look great, cant wait for your future reviews.