Feedburner PRO features for everyone

After being acquired by Google last month, Feedburner gives its PRO features for everyone. We can enjoy two Feedburner paid-service for free now: TotalStats and MyBrand.

  • TotalStats — This feature allows you to have more detailed statistics about our feed. We can find out number of people who have viewed or clicked individual content items in our feed. Under your feed management, go to “Analyze” tab, and navigate to “FeedBurner Stats PRO”.
  • MyBrand — you can have more personalized address for your feeds. You can have feed addresses using your own domain. For example, you can have http://feeds.yourdomain.com/blogfeed/ instead of http://feeds.feedburner.com/your-blog-feed/ (more info)

For the MyBrand feature, it seems that we have to contact Feedburner first to get this features activated for our account. I have sent a request, and let’s see… I am looking forward to this features.
Thank you Feedburner! And, thank you Google!