Facebook and Friendster in Indonesia

I feel that more added me as their Facebook contact list these days. And, many of them already added me to other social network : Friendster. I joined both sites, but I almost never use Friendster in the last few months. I found that Friendster is too boring. I know, it might because I only use some of its feature.

When I visited Friendster, I only checked the friend requests, approve (or simply ignore them). Other than that? Almost nothing.

Few days ago, I looked up Friendster’s Alexa . The traffic goes down — compared to its competitor: . When I checked both using Google Trend, I got the similar result.

fb fs google trend

According to Friendster’s press release in April 2008, Friendster has more than 8 million registered users and 4 million monthly unique visitors to Friendster.com as of February 2008. The press also said that:

Friendster is the most popular online social network in with over 3.9 million weekly unique users, according to analysis of Alexa as of April 1, 2008. “This makes Friendster more than five times larger than Facebook which has no more than 700,000 unique users each week, and this makes Friendster seven times larger than MySpace which has no more than 530,000 in Indonesia,” said David Jones, vice of global marketing at Friendster. “As the second largest Web site in Indonesia (second only to ) and the No. 1 social network in Indonesia, launching support for Indonesian will help Friendster maintain and extend its leadership position in the country as well as with Indonesians around the world.

On the other hand, Facebook becomes more popular now. According to Facebook demographic statistics, there are already more than 1 million registered users from Indonesia as of February 2009. Let’s see what will happen in the next few months. Should be interesting.

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*penasaran dengan apa yang terjadi di bulan Oktober 2008* Baik Friendster maupun Facebook sempet turun. Kenapa yah?
Pengguna Facebook udah melampaui Friendster.. Aku harap Facebook ga bakalan jadi Friendster #2 :( *mulai dapet message MLM di Inbox*

asumsi sih, itu karena libur lebaran. Banyak pengguna internet indonesia kan pakai koneksi internet di kantor/kampus/sekolah. Kalo libur gitu otomatis trafik menurun.
But, itu cuma asumsi sepihak.

Friendster sucks, Facebook now following friendster’s trail of imitation with twitter mindcasting homepage and are now sucks too.
Btw, new layout? What happened to the last one? :)

Hai Mua Yg iNgRiMiN fAcEbooK & FriENdStER………………..
Qw lEh gAbUNgKaN mA kAliAn MuA yA……………………..
lAm KnAl Ya DrI nAk DuemAi………………….