Do you check your email spam folder?

For the , I use Gmail and Yahoo! Mail. I almost never got any problem with them. Because they did great job filtering the email spams, I almost never checked my email spam folder. If they’re spams, why bother checking the spam folder?
But, I sometime check the spam/junk folder. Reading the email subjects in brief, just to see what emails are identified as spams. Recently, Mike Aquino was in a bad problem with spam filtering feature. He got a job offer flagged as spam. This kind of case is rarely happened. But, this is a bad situation. Luckily, he did checked the spam folder.

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I often to check the spam folder on gmail/yahoomail. But if any important email going through to spam folder, it is bad news. Is it filtering problem on gmail/yahoomail?

sometimes, after register to something service, when using Yahoo!Mail, I always check my Yahoo! SpamFolder. when use GMail, never! :)

I have also experienced this problem and found the solution using My Spam Gone. It is a software that can be used with or without current filter. Plus, it rescues emails sent to spam. Saving you time and money. We are offering it now in Beta for Yahoo users. Please feel free to try for 30 days and give us feedback. As I said it is still in Beta so it does have a few bugs to work out.