Deadline – sigh –

I haven’t had the content for my site participated in Adikarya Desain Indonesia 2003. I don’t know what to upload to my coming page @ Bubu Award Help meeeeeeeeee. erggh I think I loose my ability to make a site. Or am I just to nervous?
I don’t know *now, I AM TOTALLY PANIC!*

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  1. Kami ingin memgumumkan bahwa waktu
    untuk mengupload file telah di undur sampai tanggal 22 Agustus 2003 pukul 09:00 pagi, Terima Kasih – Panitia ADI 2003

  2. thomsky, mantra gue emang manjur jur dur.. but u don’t need it anymore yaks? ^_^ Hidup mbecak! .. Hmm.. mbe? Ahak ahak ahak

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