If you follow me on Twitter, you probably have heard that I involved in Darisini application. Basically, it’s an application (currently available for iOS devices and Android phones) that tries to help you to find some specific venues from a certain categories. You can go to Darisini’s website or read its blog. I would like to share some ideas/details behind the application development.

How it was started?

I can’t remember when Darisini came into discussion with my friends. But, the idea arose from my personal problem. I go from Jogjakarta to Jakarta regularly. When I was in Jakarta, I usually asked my friends when I was about to go somewhere. Sometime, I just tweeted and asked for directions. I utilize Google Maps and also Nokia Maps. I personally like when I get the solution (in this case reference/direction) on my own. I don’t always want to ask my friends — because at the same time they would know where I was, or where I wanted to go. Privacy? Probably. The point is: I need something on my phones that helps me with my problems.

My friend Firman Maulana, had the same experience. He lives in Jakarta, but goes to Jogja in regular basis. When he was in Jogja, he (not always) asked about the the city bus shelters’ locations. He shares the same problem. And, I think some other people might get similar problems.
In short, Firman and I had a very brief discussion and came up with an idea to build an application. We haven’t had the details (how it should work, its designs, or even from the business perspective). But, we need someone to support the design part. We need icons, logo, and other graphic elements for the application. The name “Fredy Sujono” is on my top list. It was a day in a coffee shop, and we had a discussion about this idea. We decided to start it. Firman will deal with the codes, Fredy with the illustration skill, and I’m responsible for the data and “product”.

We put Darisini as a weekend project. Or, as “something that we will work on when we’re not busy”. We communicated via email (until now). Firman is in Jakarta (mostly), Fredy and I are in Jogjakarta. Even Fredy and I live in a same city, but we don’t meet regularly. Email is the best way for us. Do we use a project management tool? No. Do we chat daily? No. Do we meet in person regularly? No. Until today (since the day we decided to team up building Darisini), I think Firman and Fredy only meet three or four times.

How it was going?

I can’t describe exactly how it was going. But, I just feel that I involve with the best person. I had no doubt working together with them. I feel that we share the same passion, and the same energy. We’re probably don’t have the best skill, but I feel that it’s not only about skill. It’s also about commitment, passion, and understanding toward what we’re making. We want to create something, and we agreed. Everyone is responsible for something. Everyone has his own role. And, I can feel that everyone is enjoying the whole process.
The result? We finally build something. Something what we dreamed few months ago. And, during the process, we challenged our best to do something our best. We came up with some ideas. And, I feel happier, too. We spent lots of things, but we gain more. I feel that I’m in a small team that is full of energy.

So, what’s next?

I will continue developing Darisini with them. I don’t know the finish line, or when the development process will end. I just enjoy the whole processes. Every part of it.