Combining RSS feeds

Few days ago, I combined entries from my journal and bookmark section in front page. It works nice, just like what I expected. And, if you notice, there is a new RSS feed now: Orangescale.NET Bookmark RSS. Thank you subscribers!
I was thinking: why not making a combined RSS feed so that people only need to subscribe to one feed? I think the mechanism (in making the RSS feed) will not be difficult. Okey, I will try in my local MT installation first.
I know it might flood the Planet Terasi later (if I use the main RSS feed as the combined RSS). So, sorry Planet Terasi reader for the inconvinience. And sorry for those who subscribe to my RSS feed.
I am working on it right now. Be back in few minutes.
Added later: Okey, the combined feed is ready. If you subscribe to my journal feed, you will find entries from my Bookmark section as well.