Checking Account Balance (Klik BCA)

I have been a customer of BCA for years. And, one of its services I use regularly is the internet banking (also known as Klik BCA); to check my account balance. I just realize that it takes ‘too many steps’ only to check it.
If I want to check my account balance, these are some steps:

  • Log on to, and fill in User ID and Password. After logging in, you will be prompted to a welcome page. Here, you will see last login information, and a greeting. (see Figure 1 and 2)
  • Click on the “Informasi Rekening” (Account Information) tab. (Figure 3)
  • The after having the “Informasi Rekening” tab opened, click on the “Informasi Saldo” (Account Balance Information). (Figure 3)
  • You will see your account balance now. (Figure 4)

Klik BCA Login page
Klik BCA Customer Welcome page
Klik BCA Balance Information menu tab
Klik BCA Balance Information page
Well, why not having the account balance information directly after logging in?
Just my 2 cents.