Bye LastPass, Hello Bitwarden

Photo by Anete Lusina from Pexels

After using Bitwarden for about a month, I could say that Bitwarden works for me and has a big chance to replace LastPass as my current password manager.

I have all the features I need. The initial migration to move all my LastPass data to Bitwarden was also easy. After that I did not save any new data to LastPass.

LastPass is a good product. It increases its subscription price time to time. In 2017 — when I subscribed to it — I needed to pay $12. A year later, the subscription fee was $24. And lastly in 2019, LastPass increased the subscription fee to $36/a year. The price is for the annual billing cycle. For monthly subscription, the price will be a little bit higher.

The price above actually almost in the same price range like what other password manager services. So, during the time period, it was more about choosing which service to be used. Thank you, Last Pass for making my digital life become easier in the last four years.

Deleting LastPass account

Now, it’s Bitwarden time. I started by using the basic free account. Yes, it’s a free account. It offers the core features for a good password manager. Basically, it should be enough for those who start to use password manager.

If I need more features, for a single-user account, its Premium Account is $10/year. It’s in a good price range, I think.

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