Bubuawards v.04

There is an event called Bubu Awards v.04. If you want to find about the event, please start from the main page, and take your time. I can not take you to spesific pages since *I can not find the permanent link*.
This entry is my personal entry. You might have different opinion, but it is a good thing though. I just feel that I do not feel comfort surfing in the websites. I don’t know, I just feel … argh!. Until now, I haven’t decided whether I join that event or not.

Since I have spent my time surfing in the websites, here some information about the event (just in case you need it). You can find the original or updated intormation *somewhere* in Bubuawards site.

Topic of Individual Category

Individual category participants can select from one of the listed topics below. Please *choose your place or city*, then *create the website* by using the given *site map below*. If it is necessary to adjust the sitemap that has been provided, we allow participants to add menu(s) and submenu(s), however even with the additions, the current sitemap should remain the same.

  • Batam
  • Flores
  • Lombok
  • Medan
  • Manado
  • Makasar
  • Nias
  • Padang
  • Solo


= News
==== Events
==== Press Release
= About
==== History
==== Archipelago
==== Weather
==== Climate
= Place of Interest
==== Cultures
==== Traditional dance
==== Arts and Crafts
= Object of tourist (ex: Sports, Natures, Adventure, Museum, etc)
= Shopping center
==== Mall
==== Traditional Market
= Restaurant/Cafe – List of Restaurant and cafes (with address and phone number)
= Hotel
==== List of hotel
==== Reservation online
= Tour and Travel
==== List of Tour and Travel
==== Reservation Tour
= Contact Us

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Requirements: Individual Class

  • Individual Class competition is open for Public
  • Only Indonesian Citizens is allowed to join. These will includes Indonesians who are abroad, as long as they are Indonesian citizens (passport or KTP number required).
  • Participants shall develop and design the website according only to the topic that is given by the organizers.
  • Web site should be in English.
  • Web site submitted can be *with CSS, DHTML, XHTML and javascript.
  • The use of application programming languages and database such as ASP, MsSQL are not allowed.
  • The use of application programming languages and database such as PHP, MySQL are allowed.
  • The use of *Flash embed and gif animation* in the Individual category is allowed.
  • Participants are allowed to use full flash or full HTML, but the committee want to remind that one of the criteria of the judging is “functionality”.
  • Entries should be *original* and have *never been commissioned* for commercial nor public purposes. The organizers reserve the right to eliminate works known to have been published elsewhere, without notice to the author(s), and to revoke the awarded prize(s), should a previous publication of the work(s) be discovered after the completion of the Bubu Awards 2005 Competition.
  • Incorporating special BuBu Awards 2005 logo (87 x 48) on the web entry.
  • The size of *entry shall fit 800 or 1024 monitor resolution* (Heh?! Does resolution matters?)
  • The size must not be over 5 megabyte
  • Use of obscene languages, *pornographic pictures and offensive content (racial, religious, and discriminating) are strictly forbidden*.
  • Make payment for the registration fee (Rp. 50,000 per entry).
  • The organizers of BuBu Awards, reserves all the rights to disqualify entries that it deems to be in violation of the event rules and regulations.
  • Organizer of Bubu Awards has the rights to publish the entries in any media without prior notice to authors. Copyrights will still be owned by the Authors.
  • If there are pictures or photos in the website that are not taken or produced by the designer, it is *important to put the credit of the source.
  • For the site map, the committee decided to provide the script and examples for the following menu: “Hotel Online Reservation” and “Tour Reservation:
  • The judges decisions are final.
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“Hotel Online Reservation” menu, below we provide the script that need to be uploaded to the participant’s site. The following script if uploaded will link to Indo.com’s online hotel reservation page:
<script language="javascript" src="http://www.indo.com/js/hotel_finder.js"></script> <script>affiliate_id('1');local_date();</script>
and for the appearance of this Hotel Reservation page can be adjusted to accommodate each participant’s design.
“Tour Reservation” menu, the participants need to create reservation form similar to the one shown in the following sites:

  • http://www.nelltours.com/reservation.html
  • http://www.marintur.co.id/reservation.htm

It is important that participants shall not copy the form in the sample sites given above, those are only examples and we hope the participants will be more creative in designing and creating the content of the form.
I will not talk much about the website itself. I focus on the information. I think he is more capable than I do about this. Selamat ya Avianto!