Bubuawards v.04 Individual Category Semifinalists

If you follow Bubuawards v.04, now, you can see the Individual Category Finalists. I am one of them. I put some information about the event here, but if you want to, you can go to the original site. Why I put the information here? Well, you know… ;)

Event overview

On our 4th year, this year, Bubu Internet has been appointed to represent the World Summit Award (http://www.wsis-award.org)on a national scale.The winners of our Bubu Awards, will have the chance to participate in the World Summit Awards, which will take place in Tunisia, in November 2005.World Summit Awards (based in Geneva) is a global contest for selecting and promoting the World’s best e-contents and applications.This prestigious event is being supported by UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization), UNESCO, International Telecommunication Union, United Nations Information and Communication Technologies Task Force dan Ministry of Industry and Commerce Kingdom of Bahrian.

This year (2004), Bubu Awards theme is “Pariwisata Indonesia” (Indonesian Tourism), in the effort to boost the tourism industry in Indonesia.Despite of the fact that Indonesia had the biggest misfortune of being hit hard by the tsunami and earthquake in the past few months, there are potential tourist destinations that are worth to be discovered and exposed to the world travellers. We are proud enough to say that Bali up to present time is claimed as the most favourite tourist destination (Award was given by the TIME magazine).We hope by creating tourism websites, we will build awareness and trigger the interest of both domestic and international tourist to discover more about the beauty of Indonesia and its unique cultural experience. After the award, our winners’ website may be choosen to officially represent the various exciting tourist spots in Indonesia.

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To widen the existence and development of the web designers to have a prospective career options with professional and international standards.


To ensure accuracy and avoid interference or influence on our part , scores from quarter final to final winners will be sent directly by judges thru our Bubuawards Judging Engine to the official tabulators, Ernst and Young. They will verify and tabulate the scores.
Judging will be based on the following criteria:

  • Content – Content is information conveyed and provided through the Internet medium. Good content should be engaging, relevant, and appropriate for the target audience of the website. A well rounded web designer should also know how to provide this element for their clients.
  • Page Layout – Placement of graphics, text and buttons to provide an intricate visual tapestry are factors resulting in good page layout. Good positioning and arrangement suited to the target audience will provide a seamless integration between information, graphics, navigational system and other components of the site.
  • Graphic Design – The art factor of the site will be reviewed through this criterion. Mastery of the various graphic softwares is a fundamental requirement for success in the world of web development. Graphics will have to be clear, meaningful, and fit into the overall puzzle called the website.
  • Navigation System – A good navigation system will provide a clear and unconstrained movement from one page to the other. Providing a good roadmap for the users to find the right information easily.
  • Functionality – The ability to utilize the appropriate technology on a website is what we meant by functionality. Speed of information access is a big factor in Asian countries with limited bandwidth availability, thus live links, download time, cross platform, and browser independent are highlighted for this criterion.
  • Overall Feel – This is the X Factor that make or break a website. A good web designer will have his or her own signature transparently embedded in his work that will show through to their audience. Experience, hard work and endless experimentation will allow a web designer to tap their own X Factor that would fascinate people.
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Individual Category Finalists

These are the finalists. I got this from the Bubuawards’ site.

  1. Debby Ariyani
  2. Dian Kurnia
  3. Donny Kurniawan
  4. Dadan Sutisna
  5. Febru Brahmanto
  6. Gigih Budi Abadi
  7. Faizal Johan Atletiko
  8. Harris Harlen
  9. Koka Eddy
  10. Hengky Soerianto
  11. Juanita Manaseh
  12. Kris Korwa
  13. Monika Tanu
  14. Reza Budi Prabowo
  15. Rafeequl Rahman Awan
  16. Revandi Mahardiyanto
  17. Trijoko Rubiyanto
  18. Thomas Arie Setiawan (Me)
  19. Wijaya Swara
  20. Wahyu subrata

Congratulation for all finalists. I am not sure about how many participants there. For me, I think I am lucky enough to be one of the finalists.

My participating websites?

Well, I am not sure about my site. Personally, I do proud of becoming one of the finalists. Besides the full-flash websites (Mas Gigih, nice!), I am alone there. I mean, I am the only one who uses CSS to handle the layout. Yeah, yeah, yeah… I do not want to put this into a debate. Period. Browse all sites, and have your own opinion. Fair enough, right?
Well, anyone wants to make a review about each websites? I heard that someone is going to make a review about this event. I think I just wait and see.
I think I have to stop here. The event is still running. As parcitipant, I think I just need to wait and see.
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