Bubu Awards 2003 Semifinalists

Congratulation to all participants of Bubu Awards 2003. Good luck!
My Becak: King of Street is only survive until quarter final. Hehe no problem. It’s a competition, right? Before I made my site for Bubu Awards, many people reminds me that accessibility, usability, CSS, cross browsers are not-right methods for Bubu. Oh yeah? But, I still use that method (technology). Once again, good luck for the semifinalists
A little chit chat with my friend:
“Really? You are not one of the semifinaslists?”
“How come”
“I don’t know do you?”
“I don’t either”
Another message from a friend:
“Hey, your site follows the technology. but why?”
“I don’t know”
“Is is a stupid technology of web making”
“I don’t think so”
“But how come.”
“I don’t know”
“Hahahah don’t participate such web competition, especially made by Indonesian”
“Many Indonesian stilll don’t know your methods!”
“Hahha ROFL”

5 replies on “Bubu Awards 2003 Semifinalists”

  1. “Many Indonesian stilll don’t know your methods!”
    It’s sad.. it’s hurt. But the worst is.. it is true XD.

  2. yeah.. never told ya before, but the words “This site is dedicated to you.” .. really touch me, thank you. :*

  3. bubu awards setau gue penekanan penilaiannya lebih ke visual designnya, bukan ke tech design. makanya graphic lebih memegang peranan, sedangkan tech spt xhtml whatsoever cuman sbg penunjang. dipake gpp, gak dipake ya gak masalah. yg penting gimana visualnya di layar.
    keliatan kok dr regulasi flash yg tahun ini sizenya bisa sampe 750 kb *pas bubu award 1 kalo gak salah cuman 250 atau 300 kb*. orientasinya jelas, kan :)
    anyway, quarter final is not bad lah :) coba lagi tahun depan.

  4. “message is a message not design nor technology” your Becak: King of Street was technologically valid (i think) but I don’t know what the message ‘coz I haven’t read it hehehe nerimo aja mass yah. yah.. :D

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