Last year, I bought a domain. It was I wanted to build a related to General in . But, I haven’t figured out what to make.
In the last few weeks, I decided to use it as a using Tumblr with custom domain . Why not using self-hosted ? The answer is simple and straight forward: I do not want to get busy preparing the tecnical stuff like themes, etc.
There are many Tumblr users from Indonesia, and since a Tumblr-powered tumblelog can have multiple authors, it’s just perfect. I started writing some texts, , photos, etc. Then, I invited some Tumblr users I know — from — to contribute. So, here it is now: Blog Pemilu. Big thanks to all contributors!
If you want to contribute, you can. You only need a Tumblr . Just contact me directly or by — the information is available on the site. Other requirement? Well, you want to share Pemilu-related stuff. :)

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