Blogger: Free Feature to Everyone

Are you Blogger users? The free one? Good news for you! There are some more . Previously, only Pro users can use it, now you can.
What are the new features?

What else? Well, just see the new complete features? Thank you Blogger
Info via William and Blogger.

2 replies on “Blogger: Free Feature to Everyone”

wheeww.. these new features awesome ! bisa ngubah2 tanggal dan bikin draft *so much like pmachine now*, pake title *standar dg mesin lain – dan ngebantu buat rss nih*, dan yg paling gue suka adalah *mungkin lupa disebut* archiving sekarang bisa make bulan + tahun dibanding dulu yg make nama file 11/01/2003-11/31/2003. keren lah.. kustomasi dg php jadi bisa lebih luas.. :) *muncul ide setan*