Back to Flickr Pro and Crashed Flickr Uploadr

I just renewed my expired Flickr Pro subscription. I know, Flickr already removed its set limits for free account. I think the most “annoying” about having a free account is not about set limit. It’s more about its 200 recent photos rule.
Oke, the renewal process was simple. Few clicks, and I can enjoy the Pro features again.
I tried to upgrade my Flickr Uploadr also. But, it was crashed few times when I uploaded my photos — no videos. Did I upload many photos at a time? I didn’t. I just uploaded 5-8 photos at once. I think I’ll use the old uploader. What about the video uploader feature? Right now, I don’t use it. I still don’t have a plan to upload videos to Flickr. May be later. Flickr is about photo. If I want to upload a video, I will use a video sharing provider like

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I manage several flickr pro accounts. I have just upgraded my flickr uploadr which went ok but it hasn’t saved any of my account details so I now have to go and authorize them all again :(