Automatic WordPress Backup (to Amazon S3)

Today, I tried another WordPress plugin called “Automatic WordPress Backup”. This plugin will help blog owners to create backup remotely to Amazon S3 service. Since I’m using it and pretty satisfied with the billing usage, I installed it at some WordPress-powered blogs I maintain.
I use one of the available buckets under my account. For this bucket, I set its ACL (Access Control List) to private, of course. After this plugin installed and activated, I only needed to put my Access Key ID and Secret Access Key.
I decided not to include all files for my backup. I only need the database and uploaded contents. After the settings were saved, I simply hit the backup button. The process depends on the disk and database usage. I found that it was pretty fast. One of my backup files was around 300 MB, and it only took less than 5 minutes to complete the process. Also, the backup file was compressed. This should be useful to cut the usage process as you only need to store a single file for each backup.
The backup files will be automatically delivered to my Amazon S3 bucket and when the process completed, I can see the backup history. To download the backup, I only need to click on the backup links.
The backup links are built using pre-signed URLs so that only the account holder (or someone who knows the URLs) can download them.

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Wah, kalau misal di suspend oleh, sepertinya tinggal kontak saja ke dulu mas. Kalau memang mereka punya alasan cukup kuat untuk mensuspend, sepertinya argumentasi kita hanyalah bahwa kita mengakui kalau kita melanggar kesepakatan layanan mereka dan akan memperbaiki di blog kita.
Itu dengan catatan memang blog kita bisa diaktifkan kembali. Untuk backup ini, ini adalah solusi untuk WordPress yang di install sendiri. Untuk yang di host di atau menggunakan fitur layanan, sepertinya backup yang paling masuk akal adalah memakai fitur export deh mas.
Untuk Amazon S3, bayarnya menurut saya sangat murah, karena berdasarkan pemakaian saja. Coba deh liat penghitungan biayanya disini.

Setting up this tool for WordPress backup is really a
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