Apple's App Store: Your payment method was declined.

Few days ago, I heard that some friends complained about their ID. It had something to do with /billing info. I told them that I had my work without any issues. I also joined some discussion groups, and one of them were also discussing about this. Mine was working great. But, not until today, when I decided to purchase something from my .
I’m using .
My last transaction was made on my iPad on October 31, 2012. It went as I expected. So, it had been a week since my last purchase. I use the same billing details since I purchased my first app for my devices (, 4, and New iPad).
Payment Declined
After asking for confirmations from other friends, they’re all using Visa. I also searched for more details, the problem was solved after changing the to Master Card. I’m not lucky for this since I only have Visa right now. I am sure that I have no problem with my card. After my last purchase, I still make transaction using it.
There’s also a long discussion on this issue at Apple Support Communities, and it seems that Visa users only need to wait to get the problem sorted. Too bad.

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Hi i have also problem with mine ipad i try to change mine payment mothod but i cannot evry time its so ur payment mothed is declined pleas used another account i dont no wht to i try so many time but i cannot now i cannot download anything

Hi, I had facing the same problem with online purchasing. The problem was same as everyone ” your payment method was declined, please enter another payment method “. So, may I know how I can fix it? Or someone can help?

Only fools stick with apple I have the same issue. After entering my first card, it declined the card and to add more insult without giving any reasons and just requested for another card. I simply gave up and returned the new ipod to where it was purchased from. No other organisation or merchant has ever asked me to give details of ALL my cards before I can make a purchase with my own money. I have since gone for Sony and it is only then I realised that many people have simply become simpletons in the hands of Apple and their overpriced and sub-par products. I presume only fools stick with apple hence they will always continue to treat you as stupid.

I have the same problem with my iphone.
payment method was declined choose another payment method. first of all I used visa card. after this payment declined prob. I chaged my card. I used mastercard. But the problem persists.
How can I fix it?

I have same I also use master card but it say I think there is not money in bank