Anyway, About the Skateboard from Ovi

Finally, I had the skateboard delivered by Ovi to my office few days ago. It was shipped using UPS service. Why I got this skateboard? You can read the story on my previous post.
When I firstly got the news that I was the lucky person who got the skateboard, I thought it would be shipped from Finland. But, I was wrong. Niini Kokkonen, Ovi Blog’s , said to me that it would be shipped from the US office. On the next day, she emailed me telling that the skateboard had been shipped using UPS service. And I waited. OK, I’ll be honest: I checked the delivery status everyday. :D
Skateboard from Nokia Ovi Blog (by orangescale)
At around 4 PM, I got a call from UPS and they told me that I got a package. They asked about my office location. I gave the direction to the guy behind the phone. He said that the package should arrive in about two hours. So I opened the box, and found that shiny skateboard deck with a letter inside it.

It was only the deck. If I want to use it, I think I need to get some accessories like the trucks, wheels and also bearings. Not sure where to find those items in . I’ll get them later. I am not sure whether I can stand on it or not. Yes, I played skateboard, but it was like 15 years ago! LOL. But of course, it’s still a wonderful gift.
So, is it only about the skateboard? No. Personally, it’s more about the whole processes. It’s about how I got it, and the stories behind it. I learn few things here.
Letter from Nokia Ovi Blog (by orangescale)
First: Nokia (Ovi Blog) uses its blog (and also its Twitter account) as a great medium to interact with its audience in general, especially with its customers (Nokia users). The whole story I mentioned above was started by a blog post. It was about Ovi Blog asking for feedbacks from its readers. And, they listened. Of course, there were lots of great feedbacks. I was one of the lucky readers.
Second: they’re reachable. If you read Ovi Blog, you’ll get the idea of what I’m talking about. The behind the blog actively involved in the discussion. When I got the for the first time, it was written in a friendly tone. All emails I sent were replied in one or two days. This is good. I will not post the email here, but it was to communicate with them. Well, I only communicated with the editor. :)
Thank you Ovi!
[Update: June 10, 2010] Ovi Blog has another post related to this entry.

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