Anyway, About the Skateboard from Ovi

Finally, I had the skateboard delivered by Nokia Ovi to my office few days ago. It was shipped using UPS service. Why I got this skateboard? You can read the story on my previous post.
When I firstly got the news that I was the lucky person who got the skateboard, I thought it would be shipped from Finland. But, I was wrong. Niini Kokkonen, Ovi Blog’s editor, said to me that it would be shipped from the US office. On the next day, she emailed me telling that the skateboard had been shipped using UPS service. And I waited. OK, I’ll be honest: I checked the delivery status everyday. :D
Skateboard from Nokia Ovi Blog (by orangescale)
At around 4 PM, I got a phone call from UPS and they told me that I got a package. They asked about my office location. I gave the direction to the guy behind the phone. He said that the package should arrive in about two hours. So I opened the box, and found that shiny skateboard deck with a letter inside it.

It was only the deck. If I want to use it, I think I need to get some accessories like the trucks, wheels and also bearings. Not sure where to find those items in Jakarta. I’ll get them later. I am not sure whether I can stand on it or not. Yes, I played skateboard, but it was like 15 years ago! LOL. But of course, it’s still a wonderful gift.
So, is it only about the skateboard? No. Personally, it’s more about the whole processes. It’s about how I got it, and the stories behind it. I learn few things here.
Letter from Nokia Ovi Blog (by orangescale)
First: Nokia (Ovi Blog) uses its blog (and also its Twitter account) as a great medium to interact with its audience in general, especially with its customers (Nokia users). The whole story I mentioned above was started by a blog post. It was about Ovi Blog asking for feedbacks from its readers. And, they listened. Of course, there were lots of great feedbacks. I was one of the lucky readers.
Second: they’re reachable. If you read Ovi Blog, you’ll get the idea of what I’m talking about. The people behind the blog actively involved in the discussion. When I got the email for the first time, it was written in a friendly tone. All emails I sent were replied in one or two days. This is good. I will not post the email here, but it was fun to communicate with them. Well, I only communicated with the editor. :)
Thank you Ovi!
[Update: June 10, 2010] Ovi Blog has another post related to this entry.