Adikarya Desain Indonesia

“Adikarya Desain is a national scale competition, in the field of Web Design and Graphic Design.”
Vision: To widen the existence and of the web designers and graphic designers to have a prospective career options with professional and international standards.
Mission: To create a healthy and competitive ground/atmosphere and appreciation for web designers and graphic designers in Indonesia. To motivate and promote the dedicated individuals/ corporate based web designers and graphic designers in Indonesia. To find distinctive web design and graphic design with Indonesian touch and flavor that can compete in the international ground.
Uhm.. nice. Me? I don’t know
Want to join Adikarya Desain Indonesia? See more information here.
OK, now another plug today. Ensiklonesia.NET is back online, hosted by Webkreatif. Thanks! I also redesign it. Still simple (yeah I like something simple), I’ve checked the validations. But I made some changes on the pages, probably William will fix that later.
PS: Warnadunia will expire on August 4th, 2003. Hohohoho Save the , Thomas!

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Kie : moh :P | DtG: kapan pindah? maksudnya? saya? atau? new home? hehe ini saya juga numpang sebelum tinggal domain doang