about.me offers free email for its users. Do you use it?

I decided not to use it.
I’m using to create my personal splash page. You can see mine at about.me/thomasarie. It looks good, and very useful to display multiple online profiles like Twitter, , or even . Everything works great.
Few days ago, about.me users received an email informing about an offer to get more personalized email address. Yes, another service! Last May, Nokia did the same step by powering its mail service called Ovi Mail using Yahoo! Mail features. Since about.me is now part of AOL family, you will get AOL Mail-powered email. Just a reminder: AOL bought about.me back in December 2010.
I claimed my email address. Yes, I have now thomasarie [at] about.me, powered by AOL. If you want to get yours,  authenticate yourself at about.me , and you should see “Offer” menu under “Dashboard” menu on the top navigation.

The setup was easy. You only need to give your date of birth information. I use Mail — Google Apps for domain — as my primary email service right now. I also keep my Mail account checked on regular basis. They offer a good service until today. AOL Mail did offers some , but I haven’t found any features other mail don’t have. So, I decided not to use it. If you send your email to thomasarie [at] about.me, it will go to my inbox. But, I’m not sure whether I check it regularly or not.
And, this is how the the email frontpage looks like. Sorry, I just need ’email’.

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