5,000+ Flickr Photos

This month, I saw that there are more than 5,000 photos in my Flickr photostream. In last October, there were 4,000 photos. So, in less than two months, there are more than 1,000 photos uploaded? Of course, not all of them are displayed for public. There are lots of private photos there. I think, the increasing number of photos happens after I purchased my Canon EOS 450D few months ago.
Here are some numbers related to my Flickr photostream — when I write this post:

  • 5,403 photos in total: 3,872 public photos, 1,218 private photos, 18 friend-only photos, 262 family-only photos, 33 friend-and-family only photos.
  • In total, there are 5,400 photos and 3 videos. Right, Flickr also support videos.
  • About photo tagging, there are 2,914 photos with tags (2,489 untagged)
  • Sometime, I uploaded some photos with geotagging info. Also, I put some photos on the Flickr map. I have 849 photos geotagged.
  • I manage my photos in sets and 5,163 photos among total collections are in sets.
  • My photostream has 120 sets and 7 collections.
  • In December 2009, I uploaded 962 photos, but in September 2009 there was only one photos uploaded.
  • In total, I made 8 transactions (buying Flickr Pro credits). But, I only use two credits. The other credits were bought for my friends who want Flickr Pro upgrade (Flickr Gifts).