G Suite

Google Apps for Work now has a new name. It’s G┬áSuite.

G Suite is a set of intelligent apps — , Docs, Drive, , Hangouts, and more — designed to bring together, with real-time collaboration built in from the start. And there’s a lot more on the way. Because we believe that when organizations break down silos, connect people and empower them to work together, we get the speed, agility and impact needed to compete in today’s .

BlackBerry will focus on software

BlackBerry will stop designing its own phones and focus on software

“The company plans to end all internal hardware and will outsource that function to partners,” CEO John Chen said in a statement. “This allows us to reduce capital requirements and enhance return on invested capital.”

How Budget Airlines Work Explained

I like budget airlines! But, how is it possible for airlines to have such low price? This will explain.

Nokia 216

Microsoft will be releasing Nokia 216 and Nokia 216 Dual Sim. I thought will stop making another . But, aside from the fact that smartphones are getting more popularity, there is still a huge . I’m thinking of getting this new — when it’s available in . Its “up to 24 days of standby time ” is just tempting. Of course, it’s might be than that. But, I can accept 14 days of standby time. The overall specifications are not bad at all.

Medium-like Posts (for WordPress)

A handy tutorial on how to deal with WordPress and CSS to have Medium-like post layout

Google's AI Object Recognition Accuracy: 93%

How’s the accuracy of ’s AI to identify objects in an ? According to the research report, it’s more than 93%. It’s 93.9% to be precise.

Today’s code initializes the image encoder using the Inception V3 model, which achieves 93.9% accuracy on the ImageNet classification task. Initializing the image encoder with a better vision model gives the image captioning system a better ability to recognize different objects in the images, allowing it to generate more detailed and accurate descriptions. This gives an additional 2 points of improvement in the BLEU-4 metric over the system used in the captioning challenge.

A New Type Of Font by Google, Apple, and Microsoft

Google, Apple, And Microsoft Are Quietly Developing A New Type Of Font. “What are variable fonts, and why are some of the biggest tech companies on the planet throwing their weight behind them?”

How-To: Calling Siri on Mac Using Custom Keyboard Shortcut or Dictation

What Siri can do

I tried using Siri on after my upgrade to macOS Sierra, and it works as expected, even I’m still using some basic commands. It’s just like they way I talk to Siri on my and . Asking Siri is simple, just hit the Siri button on the menu bar, and send your command.

But, can we call Siri from a keyboard shortcut or even dictation? Yes, we can.

Snap, Inc.

Spectacles by Snap, Inc

Snapchat rebrands as Snap, Inc, a company. Its frist product is Spectacles, a pair of funky sunglasses with a built-in wireless camera.

Upgrading to macOS Sierra

macOS Sierra

I love keeping everything updated on my , from the operating system, and also the applications. I just updated to macOS Sierra — the latest operating system by . I upgraded from OS X El Capitan. This post is posted after the .


On my Mac, I installed all upgraded applications. Some applications already released the update to make them work with Sierra. About my Mac, it’s 15″ (Retina, Mid 2012) with 2.3 GHz Intel Core i7 processor and 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 of memory.

It’s highly recommended to backup everything. The simplest way is probably using Time Machine. But, I decided not to backup using Time Machine. I copied the important files to my external drive. It takes time, but having everything backed up is a good scenario.
Before hitting the button, this was my setup:

Telegram’s Photo Editor 2.0, Masks, and GIF Creation Tool

Telegram just released some new features to work on the pictures that hopefully will make the communication (chat) become more fun and enjoyable. For those who love to edit , add additional texts, drawings, or even stickers, offers the functionalities directly in the app. I wish Telegram adds “Call” feature.

Google Allo

I just had Google Allo — another app by — installed on my . There are already some messaging installed and used on my daily basis. Well, basically, I only use (mostly) and . And now, Google Allo. I tried Google Assistant more inside Allo, and it works pretty well. I think the messaging feature will be something I will not be using.

Malaysian man spent 18 days in Changi Airport lounges using 31 forged boarding passes

Malaysian man spent 18 days in Changi Airport lounges using 31 forged boarding passes.

He downloaded images of boarding passes issued by two airlines – Cathay Pacific and Singapore Airlines – from the , and used an editing on his to alter them.
Raejali inserted his name, a false flight number and a false destination on the fake mobile boarding passes, before sending them to his . He forged 31 such passes and used them at nine lounges run by five operators.

Bye Bootstrap v3

Bootstrap V3 will no longer be actively developed

Find and Remove Duplicate Photos on Flickr

I’m organising my and want to find the easy way to remove duplicate photos that are already in or outside albums. Flickr does not offer the simple tool to work on this task. After searching for a while, there is Flickr Dup Finder 2. It’s a simple tool to search for duplicates and remove them. It’s utilising Flickr’s and it works really good. At least for now, I already found more than 1,600 duplicate photos.