Snapchat Daily Usage

Snapchat Passes Twitter in Daily Usage — The four-year-old messaging app is said to have 150 million people using it each day. I’m “thomasarie” on Snapchat and Twitter, by the way.

Mi Band 2

From MIUI Official Forum:

Today Xiaomi unveiled Mi Band 2 with OLED display which displays Time, Steps Count and Hear Rate at just RMB 149 (US $23). It will be available for sale from 7th June, 2016 onwards in China.

From Techcrunch

The Mi Band 2 is more expensive than its predecessors, but it’s also a bit fancier. The tiny black-and-white display displays time, your step count, your heart rate, as well as approximative distance and calorie counters. You can also use the device to monitor your sleep. Nothing groundbreaking if you’re familiar with activity trackers.

I think I want one.

Firebase Cloud Messaging

Firebase Cloud Messaging — the new version of Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) under the Firebase brand. It inherits GCM’s core infrastructure, with new SDKs to make Cloud Messaging development easier.

Good story

“Telling a good story, whether that’s through email, film, or any medium, creates a connection. And it’s this connection that leads to attention, which leads to trust, which leads to sales.” — Mikael Cho: Why you don’t need design like Apple