Bhutan is also carbon negative!


Bhutan, a country that is not measure its success on Gross Domestic Product (GDP) but using Gross National Happiness index is also famous for the fact that it’s a carbon-neutral country. But, it’s also carbon-negative country. Meaning, Bhutan’s┬ácarbon sinks, such as its forests, absorb more carbon dioxide each year than its sources of pollution, such as factories, emit. Read more about this on EcoWatch.


Terrapattern — a visual search tool for satellite imagery. The project provides journalists, citizen scientists, and other researchers with the ability to quickly scan large geographical regions for specific visual .


I tried to plant wheatgrass in a small pot few few weeks ago. It was my first time and I was not difficult — at least when I tried using the how-to on planting wheatgrass. I put the seeds in the water for around 10 hours, and put them in growing media.

On day nice or ten, I juiced it. The first thing I did was rinse it to clean it from any soil. After that I choped it roughly. To juice it, I put a little bit of water in a blender and strain it. When I tasted it for the first time, it had a too-grassy taste — at least on my taste. So, I put some lemon and a little bit honey.

Joko Widodo on Social Media

Joko Widodo, the seventh of just announced his presense on YouTube on last May 28, 2016. Currently, he is already on Twitter (@jokowi) and Instagram (Jokowi). Welcome, Sir! — useful .gitignore files for various project.

Yordanka (Mei 2016)


Ada update singkat dari (Borneo Survival Foundation) tentang . Siapa dia? Orangutan, yang biasa dipanggil juga dengan Yoyo.