Virgin America Safety Video
I think this is brilliant! Behind video scenes is also available.

37signals' REMOTE is now available

When I found out that REMOTE was available for pre-order, it didn’t take minutes for me to make a pre-order from . I have read Getting Real, and it’s inspiring. Or, you probably have read REWORK.
And, yesterday I got an informing that the book is available. Here is how the book is described:

As an employer, restricting your hiring to a small geographic region means you’re not getting the best you can. As an employee, restricting your job search to companies within a reasonable commute means you’re not working for the best company you can. REMOTE, the new book by 37signals, shows both employers and employees how they can work together, remotely, from any desk, in any space, in any place, anytime, anywhere.

To find out more about this book, or read some sample chapters, go to REWORK’s website. Also, I received a notification from about my pre-order status. I made the pre-order on August 10, 2013 for $13.80. Yeah, more than two months ago. It’s estimated that I will have this book — together with another item from — in the mid of November.
Actually, I also want to have the ebook version from ’s iBooks Store. But, it seems that it’s not yet available for the Indonesian Store. You can buy from iBook Store for $12.99.

WordPress 3.7 with Background Updates

WordPress is actively being developed by great developers. I always tried to keep my updated by running update process — which is very easy. But, right now, I want to write down about the latest . Not that every update provides an improvement, new , or bug fixes, but this version 3.7 (codename: Basie) has few good things offered.
The first useful feature is the background updates. It means that you do not need to worry about having an outdated installation when a new release is available. So, if your self-hosted WordPress-powered blog is not yet upgraded to 3.7, it’s a perfect time.
WordPress 3.7 Updates
Having an automatic is good, it’s a worry-free situation. Of course, there might be some or features that you will not be familiar with. But for me, having everything updated is a good thing. If you’re using some , they might not compatible with the latest updates. Not always, but it might happen. Since I don’t have critical plugins installed, having some broken plugins should not be an issue. I just simply disabled them.

How to turn off automatic updates?

You can, but you have to maintain your updates. Or, if you don’t care about this updates (or worse, you don’t care about your blog), you can just ignore it. The easiest solution to disable the core updates is by modifying your wp-config. . It’s located at the main root directory. Add these following lines:

# Disables all core updates:
define( 'WP_AUTO_UPDATE_CORE', false );
# Enables all core updates, including minor and major:
define( 'WP_AUTO_UPDATE_CORE', true );
# Enables core updates for minor releases (default):
define( 'WP_AUTO_UPDATE_CORE', 'minor' );

If you want to for some details, go to Make WordPress Core website.
Some others features introduced in this updates includes the strength checker. Do you always have a not-easy-to-guess password? The other one is about a better search. Since I’m maintaining some WordPress-powered sites, I think I will update them all right now.

Token KeyBCA yang tercuci (kebetulan) tetap baik-baik saja

Tidak ada yang istimewa siang ini. Dalam cuaca yang cukup panas, dan karena hari libur juga, saya memutuskan untuk melakukan kegiatan mencuci dan bersih-bersih. Saat mencuci, dan giliran mengeringkan baju, kegiatan saya terhenti sejenak melihat sebuah benda berwarna biru. Yak! Token !

Duh! Karena kepintaran saya, sempat reflek pertama adalah mencucinya dengan air bersih yang mengalir. Ya, pintar sekali!

Kalau tidak salah hitung, berarti token KeyBCA tersebut sudah terendam dalam deterjen — dan juga berputar di dalam mesin cuci sekitar satu jam. Langsung saya jemur saja KeyBCA tersebut. Menjemur tidak langsung kena sinar matahari. Setelah saya tunggu beberapa saat sisi luar sudah kering, saya coba nyalakan, dan… tidak berhasil. Mati.

Token KeyBCA

Kalau begini, sepertinya datang (lagi!) ke kantor adalah menjadi pilihan, walapun belum ada dua minggu lalu saya juga sudah berkunjung kesana. Alasan mengurus token KeyBCA karena alasan masuk ke mesin cuci saya rasa bukan alasan yang keren.

Saya akhirnya iseng untuk membuka token tersebut, dengan maksud supaya bisa kering sepenuhnya. Dengan menggunakan obeng kecil, satu per satu sekrup saya lepas. Bagian dalam masih cukup basah ternyata. Saya diamkan sampai kering, dan saya coba nyalakan. Hasilnya? Menyala!


Saya tidak langsung mencoba memasukkan angka karena siapa tahu nanti kejadian “pencet apa terdeteksi apa” karena konslet. Apalagi di layar masih terlihat ada embun. Baiklah, kita tunggu sampai benar-benar kering. Dan, ini kali pertama akhirnya saya malah melihat seperti apa bagian dalam dari token KeyBCA.

Setelah saya lihat sudah kering, akhirnya saya nyalakan kembali dan berhasil. Saya coba masukkan nomor PIN, dan berhasil juga!


Saya pastikan lagi dengan mencoba menggunakan dalam transaksi, dan semuanya berhasil tanpa ada masalah. Artinya juga, saya tidak harus ke kantor BCA.

Pesan moral dari kejadian ini adalah:

  • Walaupun mesin cuci memiliki bagian untuk mengeringkan cucian, token KeyBCA tidak perlu dikeringkan menggunakan mesin cuci.
  • Kalau token KeyBCA kotor, tidak perlu sampai dicuci dengan mesin cuci, apalagi dengan cairan pemutih.
  • Jika sudah kering karena proses yang saya jelaskan diatas, tidak perlu token KeyBCA sampai disetrika juga.
  • Dan, pesan moral terakhir adalah: lebih penting untuk tetap berusaha supaya rekening tetap ada isinya dibandingkan dengan memikirkan apakah token isa berfungsi atau tidak.



Let's talk about the (new) Yahoo's email service

Recently, Yahoo redesigned its again. I’ve talked about Yahoo Mail last August. I hoped for an improvements. Recently, on its 16th birthday, Yahoo gives a new look for its mail service. Quoting from a release published at Yahoo’s blog:

We redesigned Yahoo Mail to be more efficient, too. Things you do all of the time like search, starring, and deleting are now one-click actions that appear when you hover over an . We also wanted to give you more breathing room in your inbox, so you can collapse the left-hand toolbar to be more productive.

I’m not a big fan of Yahoo email service actually, I’m sold to Mail. I use web-based interface on my daily basis. So, what Yahoo offered on this redesign this time?

1 TB of storage to handle email and attachments.

Yes, that’s huge! Currently, Google ‘only’ offers 15 GB of free storage (shared between , Gmail, and Google+ ) with some detailed conditions. The 1 TB storage is tempting for marketing purpose and by number. Do I really need 1TB? I can live with 15 GB Google offers. By having 1 TB of storage, it can handles more than 54 million of emails.
Previously, if you’re a user, Yahoo also offers 1 TB of storage to store more than 500,000 photos in original quality. This one is really a good deal!


I’m not a fan of for email service. I left my Gmail in the standard look, without fancy themes. Yahoo — since it also owns Flickr — brings some selected photos from Flickr to choose as the background . Here how it looks.
Yahoo mail themes
For the web interface, I choose the of of the clean theme styles.

Photon:'s Content Delivery Network

Dealing with side loads for heavy-traffic sometime can be painful. But, of course there are some common practice to deal with this kind of situation. For example, you can take advantage of system, offload to other service to reduce load/bandwidth, or using (Content Delivery Network).
For WordPress-powered sites, you can take advantage from its Jetpack. This free plugin offered lots of handy to help you work with your . One of them is a featured called Photon.

Give your a boost by loading images in posts from the content delivery network. We cache your images and serve them from our super-fast network, reducing the burden on your Web host with the click of a button.

That’s right. You should see some big hints there: content delivery network, cache, super-fast network. To activate this feature, just hit the “Activate” button, and you’re set. All your uploaded media files will be served using infrastructure. After having this feature activated, all URLs in your posts will be modified. For example:

  • Original
  • New URL:

If you are interested, here is an example of the image header served from network.

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Accept-Ranges: bytes
Cache-Control: public, max-age=63115200
Content-Type: image/png
Date: Sun, 06 Oct 2013 17:06:28 GMT
Expires: Wed, 07 Oct 2015 05:06:26 GMT
Last-Modified: Sun, 06 Oct 2013 17:05:27 GMT
Server: ECS (sin/47C6)
X-Bytes-Saved: 8597
X-Cache: HIT
X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff
X-nc: HIT iad 90
Content-Length: 46456

Pengurusan Kartu ATM BCA karena Salah PIN

Sepertinya, saya ini terlibat dengan “love-and-hate relationship” dengan Bank BCA. Suka karena memang diberikan kemudahan dengan menjadi nasabahnya, tapi juga kadang sebal dengan urusan entah karena kesalahan yang muncul bukan dari sisi saya sebagai nasabah.

Awal bulan ini, saya kembali lagi mendatangi KCU (Kantor Cabang Utama) di untuk dua urusan. Pertama, mengurus kartu yang terblokir, dan kedua adalah terkait dengan akses banking. Kebetulan, saya memang punya dua buah rekening di BCA.

Kartu ATM Terblokir

Kejadiannya bermula ketika saya hendak melakukan pembayaran dengan kartu di salah satu toko yang memiliki mesin EDC (Electronic Capture). Tidak ada yang aneh saat itu. Saya sangat sadar dan yakin bahwa saya menggunakan kartu yang benar (kartu utama), dan saya memasukkan nomor (Personal Identification Number) yang benar. Pertama, saya mendapatkan pesan bahwa PIN tidak benar. Saya coba lagi, dan tetap salah.

Akhirnya, saya putuskan untuk membatalkan transaksi dan membayar dengan uang tunai. Di hari yang sama, selang beberapa jam, saya mencoba menggunakan kartu saya lagi di tempat yang berbeda. Dan, muncullah pesan bahwa kartu saya terblokir. Duh!