Flickr says Hello to Google Account!

Oke, this is what you need to know right now: You don’t need to have/use ID to join . That’s right. Today, Flickr allows new signup using .

With dozens of different login usernames and passwords out there on the Interwebs, who needs to add yet another one to the list? To help solve this, Flickr is rolling out a new feature to make it easier than ever for new users to join our . We’re introducing OpenID on Flickr, a that makes it faster and easier to sign-up for new accounts by letting you use one across multiple . So starting today, you’ll be able to use a Google account to sign-up for a new Flickr account. [source]

I just tried it, and it works. Also, Flickr simplifies the login process. Previously, if you’re on a single page, and you want to give comment, clicking the “Sign-in” link will bring to to another page. Now, you can sign-in without leaving the page. Yahoo! works really hard these days. :D
Anyway, I’m on Flickr too of course. :D

Flickr Helps You to Connect with Friends

I haven’t used this ’s “ you may know” feature yet. If you’re using Flickr, you will see another box there on the sidebar giving you some contact suggestions. It seems wants to make Flickr more social these days.

As a Flickr user, I can find also find friends based on their on my “contact page” at another like Yahoo! , Gmail, Live and also . Looks nice? Maybe. Flickr will search all contacts that already inserted in the address book. But, it will depends on how I organize my address book, for example in my Yahoo! Mail or Gmail. My Yahoo! Mail assigned for my Flickr almost has no contacts. It’s simply because I created a Yahoo! account only to signup with Flickr. So, almost nobody in my Yahoo! contact.
What about Gmail? Similar situation I think. Most of my contacts in my Gmail account uses non-Yahoo! services. So, when I tried to use the search feature, it gave me an empty results. Windows Live and Facebook give the same output I think.

Wyoming saves $1 million and Virgin America saves system costs by about half

This is one benefit of having Apps for Business for big companies (or when a involving big numbers of users). Wyoming will save Wyoming taxpayers $1 million annually by moving all state government employees to Google Apps for Government.

The decision to go Google was the result of a transparent and competitive evaluation process that began roughly two years ago. The state estimates the move to Google Apps will save Wyoming taxpayers $1 million annually. [source]

Virgin America will move its 1,700 employees corporate to and expect to save system costs by about half.

Over the next two weeks, all of the ’s 1,700 employees based across North America will be moving their corporate email to Gmail, and collaborating more efficiently using Google , Google Docs and Google Talk. Their migration to Gmail will cut Virgin America’s email system costs by about half on an annual basis, in addition to the long-term benefits where the move into the Google will save them over 18 terabytes of space as the airline continue to grow and add employees. [source]

The Commuter, new Nokia film in mobile HD (Shot using Nokia N8)

Good Bye Paul The Octopus

Paul the Octopus, who correctly predicted the outcome of during this year’s World Cup soccer tournament, is dead. His caretakers set him up to make predictions for a particular match by draping boxes in his tank with the national flags of teams that were set to play each other. The boxes contained food for Paul. The caretakers divined his pick by watching to see which box he opened first. [Source: CNN]

Taking Photos using Nokia N8 (Personal Experience)

The first thing I did after having Nokia N8 (product details in Bahasa Indonesia) in my hands last week was taking . I have been following this for months, and feel so lucky because I now have chance to try it myself. First impression: Love it! offers a great improvements on its camera. Now, it has 12 MP camera, equipped with Carl Zeiss lens and also Xenon .

I like taking photos (go to Flickr photostream for photos), but since I live in right now (and I didn’t bring my DSLR camera), this phone should be a good companion for me. Better quality photos (using phone camera) is one of the offered besides entertainment, , business-related features, and also . For this post, I will write more about the word ‘’. Anyway, you can explore full specification and features by going to Nokia N8 product page (or, go to Nokia Indonesia for details in Bahasa Indonesia).

In the last few days, I took some pictures in some different condition (day light, night, low-light). I have to admit that I’m really impressed by the final results. Each photo has around 1 MB in size. If needed, I can adjust some settings like “Scene Mode” (Automatic, User defines, Close-up, Portrait, Landscape, Sport, Night, and Night portrati), Color Tone (Normal, Sepia, Black and White, and Vivid), White Balance (Automatic,  Sunny, Cloudy, Incandescent, and Fluorescent), Light sensitivity, Contrast, Sharpness and also Exposure. But, the “Automatic” mode should just work when you only need to point and shoot.
After photos were taken, I can also make some basic editing actions like cropping, resizing, or color adjustment. Photo dimension taken using Nokia N8 is 4000×2248 pixels. For a landscape photo, it will not be a problem. But, when taking portrait photo I feel that it’s “too tall”.
Seeing is believing, right? So, here are some photos taken using my Nokia N8. All photos are displayed without any editing.

Some people

“Some can only talk and do nothing. Some are doing something, silently, because they’re too busy to talk and boast about what they’ve done.” ~ @beradadisini (Hanny Kusumawati) [link]

Dick Costolo is now Twitter CEO

Dick Costolo became Twitter’s new CEO.

“This is why I have decided to ask our COO, Dick Costolo, to become ’s CEO. Starting today, I’ll be completely focused on product strategy.” ~ Evan Williams

“Our #newtwitter was designed to be easier, faster, and richer but our #newtwitterceo is faster, older, and balder!” ~ Biz Stone

Some Facebook statistics

So here are a few more statistics about Facebook: All told, users spend 8 billion minutes on the every day. There are 3.5 billion pieces of content shared weekly. 2.5 billion are uploaded every month, and 1.2 million photos are served up every second.

Photos should be much better now (on Facebook)

This is a good news for those who love to upload to . Facebook now offers a better improvement on its -related . Until today, its greatest feature might be the photo-tagging. Okey, these are some improvements that will be rolled for all Facebook users:
Higher resolution — If you feel 720 pixels is not big enough, you can now have up to 2048 pixels for photo size.

Flight Attendants Dancing

Kumi and Mozilla Indonesia Community Meetup

Last week, I joined Mozilla Indonesia Community meetup at Blitz Megaplex, Pacific Place, Jakarta. Lots of confirmed to join this , and the news mentioned about some goodies for those who came earlier. I got there almost at 7 PM (blame the heavy rain and flood!). I was surprised because lots of people already there. No goodies. But, no problem.
Mozilla Indonesia Meetup (Sept 2010)
This time, sent Gen Kanai (@gen) and Mitchell Baker (@MitchellBaker) and they shared some valuable information related to Mozilla — globally and especially in . Other thing was that in this meetup, a new Mozilla Indonesia mascot was introduced. So, if you use , meet “Kumi“, Mozilla Indonesia mascot!
Mozilla Indonesia Meetup (Sept 2010)
Gen Kanai already covered this meetup. So, go read Gen Kanai’s post. I was lucky also because I had a chance to had another question-and-answer session with Gen Kanai himself (Thanks to the after-party time at Roti Bakar Edi, Blok M) I asked him about Mozilla Thunderbird in the situation that more people are going .
I took some , but not that many. You can go to my Flickr photostream for event photos.