Make some noise using Vuvuzela application

I am not a World Cup big fan. I don’t always watch football . But this Ovi’s Vuvuzela application got my attention. Yesterday, I installed this and wondering what respond I’ll get when I run this application.
Vuvuzela on E72 and Nokia 5800 XpressMusic
Using only one is already disturbing, but… what about two? Haha! Errrrrrrggggggghhhhh! I think I did it. My friends at the office felt disturbed. :D I had plan to install this apps to their . But, I believe they won’t allow me. :D

WordPress 3.0 Error: Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance

I have upgraded this blog to WordPress 3.0 not long after it was available for . Everything went without any major issues. I only use it without special hacks. One thing that makes this version a little bit different is that will bring your offline if there is/are something not working. For example, when you’re upgrading your . WordPress will temporarily bring your site under maintenance mode.
If all process were completed, you should be happy. Otherwise, you will need to do some extra works. WordPress will display this kind of message: “Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance.” You will be locked out from your admin area. Your will be inaccessible. Solution? Easy. You need to go to login to your webhosting , and remove .maintenance . You can find it in your blog folder — the same location with your wp-config.php.

WordPress Blog WordPress 3.0 "Thelonious"

WordPress 3.0, code name “Thelonious” released.

3.0 is faster, stabler, and more secure, so you can focus on what matters (your audience) and let the rest fade to the background. Custom post types, MU merge, menu , Twenty Ten , over 1,200 bug fixes… there’s so much to enjoy in this new , we’re really proud of it. It’s the best yet, and available for a limited time for only free ninety nine. ;)

World Cup 2010 Twitter replay

World Cup 2010 Twitter replay — Follow our high-speed replay of the World Cup and find out how reacted to every game. Watch the goal moment. Goall!

Anyway, About the Skateboard from Ovi

Finally, I had the skateboard delivered by Ovi to my office few days ago. It was shipped using UPS service. Why I got this skateboard? You can read the story on my previous post.
When I firstly got the news that I was the lucky person who got the skateboard, I thought it would be shipped from Finland. But, I was wrong. Niini Kokkonen, Ovi Blog’s , said to me that it would be shipped from the US office. On the next day, she emailed me telling that the skateboard had been shipped using UPS service. And I waited. OK, I’ll be honest: I checked the delivery status everyday. :D
Skateboard from Nokia Ovi Blog (by orangescale)
At around 4 PM, I got a call from UPS and they told me that I got a package. They asked about my office location. I gave the direction to the guy behind the phone. He said that the package should arrive in about two hours. So I opened the box, and found that shiny skateboard deck with a letter inside it.

When Will I Be Mayor?

When Will I Be Mayor? — Nice for foursquare users. “We search your history to find out how many more times you need to check in get that coveted Mayorship. We even monitor venues that you are close, and send you weekly updates on your progress!”