YouTube Embed with New Player Design

In my previous post, I mentioned about YouTube’s new player design. Right now, it only works on — not for videos embed externally. But, with a small modification on its parameter, we can have the new player for the . Example? This is the original embed code:

Now, look at the this line of code:
To have the video inserted using a new player design, just put version=3 parameter there. So, it will be like this:
You will have YouTube video displayed like what you see below. Of course, you can still modify out it looks using another player parameters.

I personally like the new player design. So, I modified all video codes used at my videoblog to have the new look. It didn’t take much time since I replaced the codes using search and replace plugin. :)

Yang meledak bukan tabung gas, tapi ban truk

Tempat tinggal saya di cukup dekat dengan lokasi distributor tabung gas (dan termasuk air mineral galon). Jadi, hampir setiap hari truk melintas di depan gang. Ya, tidak terlalu dekat juga sebenarnya, mungkin sekitar 100 meter. Tapi, tak jarang juga saya melintasi tempat tersebut ketika saya mau makan di warung.

Sore tadi, ketika saya makan, jantung rasanya mau dibuat copot. Sewaktu berjalan menuju warung, saya melintasi sebuah truk yang sedang parkir di dekat tempat distributor gas dan air mineral. Waktu itu, yang parkir adalah truk bermuatan ratusan glon air mineral. Sekilas saya lihat rodanya dan terpikir kalau roda truk itu kuat sekali — melihat bahwa ada ratusan galon air mineral (dalam kondisi terisi) diatasnya.

Sewaktu saya makan, tiba-tiba terdengar suara meledak. Dor! “Ah, moga-moga bukan gas!” Suara ledakan tersebut cukup keras. Penjaga warung dan beberapa orang yang makan disitu juga langsung keluar, melihat apa yang terjadi. Saya juga sempat terpikir kalau ada gas meledak. Ini juga karena di televisi kadang ada berita tentang tas meledak. Untunglah, tidak ada gas yang meledak. Suara keras tadi karena ban truk yang meletus, kelebihan muatan mungkin. Entahlah.

Sewaktu melihat, ternyata sudah banyak juga warga sekitar yang sudah berhamburan ditepi jalan untuk melihat apa yang terjadi. Tak lama kemudian, keadaan kembali seperti semula. Orang-orang yang melihat kembali ke aktivitas mereka masing-masing, termasuk saya. Benar-benar masih teringat suara yang ditimbulkan. Dhuar!

Flickr Photo Upload using Gravity? This is good!

I have Gravity installed on my 5800 XM , and so far this is one of my favorite . If you’re not familiar with , it’s a Twitter client for S60 platform. It also support Foursquare, and also Reader. Very nice! It’s not free, but it’s not expensive also — I bought it for than US$10. You only need to purchase a once.

Today, Jan Ole Suhr (Gravity developer) tweeted an update and he put a link to his Flickr photo page. Right now, I’m using Gravity version 1.30 build 6501. Gravity already support direct upload to some services like Twitpic, MobyPicture, Yfrog and also But, seeing the above, it will support Flickr also. Yes, this is good since I use Flickr. Now, waiting for an update.

Yahoo Maps powered by Ovi Maps. And more!

Some of you probably have heard about this news: and Yahoo! have an agreement to work on they really’re really good at. According to the press release:

Today, Yahoo! and Nokia announced a worldwide strategic alliance to extend the reach of their industry leading online and offer rich experiences that keep them connected to their world and the world around them.
Building on more than five years of collaboration, Nokia and Yahoo! ® will leverage each others’ strengths in e-, instant and maps and navigation services, to provide consumers with access to world-class experiences on both PC and mobile devices.

You can also find the press release at Yahoo! Yodel Anecdotal. So, what does it mean for you? Probably… nothing. But, for me it means something. Let me tell you why.

I use Flickr — and I’m really enjoying it. Sometime, I take advantage of its geo-location feature. I can put my photos into map. You can do it manually, or automatically using geo-location meta captured from your mobile device. I did it using my mobile device. photos with geo-location information will be integrated with Yahoo! Map. You can see my Flickr map page to see it in action. Is it good? Yes, but not that good. Why?

  • When I had my photos with location information, they’re not placed at the correct information. So, I have to edit their location in the map.
  • Yahoo! Map does not have much details about my hometown, Jogjakarta. Especially, when it comes to street names. For example, my photo taken in Street, it’s detected as it was taken in other area, and it’s not even close.
  • I remembered that I have put my photos into correct location. But for some reasons — I don’t know why — the location was changed. I hope I’m wrong with this. The zoom effect or something, I don’t know.

With the new partnership I mention above, I hope I can see improvements. has a great of location, and it works really well. I know, sometime it has some mistakes on the street naming, but… still, it’s a great tool.

Ovi Maps (3.04) is available. How do I use Ovi Maps?

Few days ago, Nokia Ovi Maps v. 3.04 for mobile was released for public. If you’re following the news, released Ovi with Free worldwide Walk & Drive navigation last January. And, I have my Ovi Maps on my Nokia 5800 XM upgraded. And I like it. Find more details about Ovi Maps.

Now, I want to share how I use Ovi daily use. Right now, I’m in and I have been staying in this city for few months. It’s not my first time, but still, I’m not familiar with the streets and routes. I met Ovi Maps when I had my N78 few years ago and found it really useful. But, it was when I stayed in my hometown, .

Mobile photoblogging (by orangescale)I love taking pictures with device. When I found out that all captured using my N78 can have location information, I usually had the GPS information turned on. By this, I can find out where the photos were taken and — the important thing — was that I knew where I stood. How is it useful? A simple example: I went to Solo city and took a picture at the railway station. Then, I went to some places in and took another picture. The result? I could find out what places I visited (with photos).

Okey, that was related to photo. In Jakarta, when I go to a place I usually save the location — based on the GPS . This is useful since I can also find the navigation, or at least what direction/route I should take from one place to my destination. Usually, when I took or taxi — and I’m not familiar with the street route, the first thing I do is firing up my map. Until today, I never lost. :D

Anyway, I rarely notice about the 3D view. But, when I took my time to explore Jakarta in Ovi Maps, I found some buildings/landmarks available in 3D view map. For example: Monumen Nasional (see pictures below).

Buildings/Landmarks Jakarta OviMaps (by orangescale) Monas, Jakarta (by orangescale)

For more screenshots about some buildings/landmarks I found using Ovi Maps, you can go my Flickr photostream set.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I write this based on personal experience.

Google Font Directory

Google Font Directory lets you browse all the fonts available via the . All fonts in the directory are available for use on your under an and served by Google servers. See also: Quick Start Guide and FAQ page.

Facebook Like Box Shows 0 Fans?

I put Facebook Like Box at my videoblog site and so far it works really well. It shows how many Facebook users who “Like” my videoblog page. It worked really well, but not in the last few days. I thought it only happened to my , but when I randomly visit some blogs using this Like Box, the same thing happened.
But, this ‘problem’ didn’t happen if the box is displayed using . I use XFBML, so do the sites using the same code. Hmm… not sure what happen, but it’s not working really well right now. Any thoughts?

Google TV

Google TV is a new experience made for that combines the TV you know and love with the freedom and power of the . Watch an overview below, sign up for updates, and learn more about how to develop for TV. “TV meets web. Web meets TV”. Watch video about Google TV on YouTube. fast and free

Good news from Facebook after they bright Lite offline. There is now. According to the announcement:

Yet when using the , around the world face two main challenges–sometimes the experience is too slow to be and the cost of plans and understanding them can be daunting. We have designed to help solve these two barriers and we hope that even more people will discover the mobile Internet with Facebook as a result.

Since this focuses on speed, the design looks very simple, of course. For Facebook users in , there are three mobile operators supporting this site: 3, AXIS and . Well, I’m using right now and I think it’s not cheap.

Google Calendar has a new look!

I’m using Google Calendar, but not under my . I use it under Google Apps service. Right now, if you use use under Gmail account, you should have a new look.
After signing-in, I was greeted with this message:

We’ve updated Google Calendar to make it more consistent with other Google Apps. Everything works the same as before, with one exception: we’ve removed the Tasks link. Now to turn tasks on and off, just click the Tasks calendar in your calendar list.

It’s more polished now. Look at the below (Click to enlarge)

Now, let’s compare with the “old” one — Google Calendar for Google Apps I’m having right now.

In most cases, Google Apps for domain will have the same (including design) with primary accounts under Google account. I think, I just need to wait. The new design looks better.

Kereta Rel Listrik (Electric Multiple Unit) Jakarta
Actually, it was not the first time we went to Lenteng Agung Railway Station. So, when we started our , we put Lenteng Agung into our list. So, we did it. After buying a ticket, we planned to stop at Gondangdia. But, considering our plan — which was suddenly changed — we decided to stop at Manggarai.

Have You Checked Your Facebook Privacy Settings (One More Time)?

I’m using Facebook, and I really want to take my profile settings seriously. I mean, this is my and I want to have every settings (especially related to privacy) are correct. I know, it’s something personal. Some also think that privacy is dead. You can have your own settings. I think more people does not really care about this. Well, not that they don’t care, but it’s more about ignoring it. No?
I just found a tool (hat tip: Read Write Web) to check my privacy settings. This tool will help me — and you, too — to check one more time about my privacy settings. This tool can be found at What does this tool do? When you’re using this tool:

You will see a series of privacy scans that inspect your privacy settings and warn you about settings that might be unexpectedly public.

So, it’s a web-based tool. You don’t have to any . Just use the simple bookmarklet there. About the result, you can follow the advisory, or ignore it. I checked mine, and I got this (based on my current privacy settings):


shutup.css is a custom user stylesheet that can be applied to your to hide comments on many popular web sites without user intervention. (hat tip: kusaeni)

Twitter's List Of 370 Banned Passwords

Twitter’s List Of 370 Banned Passwords. “Why ban them? They’re very easy for humans and brute-force hacking scripts to figure out, making it easier for to get access to your . On , this can be embarrassing. On other sites, this can be very costly.”

Twitter Improves Trending Topic Algorithm, Bye Bieber

In the last few weeks, I (and lots of ) noticed that Justin Beiber was becoming on the trending topic list. But, not now. For Bieber’s fans, of course this was something cool. For lots of people, it might be something they didn’t care about. Other people also thought that it should be removed. Recently Twitter changed its trending topic algorithm.

The new algorithm identifies topics that are immediately popular, rather than topics that have been popular for a while or on a daily basis, to help people discover the “most breaking” news stories from across the world. (We had previously built in this ’emergent’ algorithm for all local trends, described below.) We think that trending topics which capture the hottest emerging trends and topics of discussion on Twitter are the most interesting. While this is very much a work in progress, with this tweak we have taken a big step toward capturing how trends quickly emerge and grow on Twitter.  We also think it’s compelling to know what the “most popular” topics are, and we will look to capture this in some way in the future.
Source: Twitter Help Source: About Trending Topic.

Like what I wrote in the first paragraph, it’s interesting to see what Bieber’s fans think about this. :)