Amazon CloudFront has an edge location in Singapore

Today, I got an from Amazon informing about new location of . Now, it has a new location in Singapore. Previously, Amazon only has its CloudFront located in Tokyo and Hongkong. Here’s the news delivered in the email:

Starting immediately, Amazon CloudFront will begin using the Singapore edge location for requests for your content. There’s no need for you to change anything in order for this to happen — Amazon CloudFront will automatically route requests for your content to the Singapore location when it’s appropriate to do so. Prices for content delivered from the Singapore location are the same as prices for content delivered from ; you can see these at

Is it a good news? Of course! About the prices, content delivered from Singapore location has the same prices like from Hongkong: $0.190 per GB — first 10 TB / month transfer out and $0.012 per 10,000 GET requests. Compared with Europe or US prices, it’s a little bit higher ($0.150 per GB – first 10TB / month data transfer out). But still, the price is still reasonable.

Pemesanan Tiket Kereta Api Melalui Call Center dan Pembayaran Melalui ATM

Hari ini, untuk kali pertama saya mencoba untuk melakukan pemesanan tiket kereta melalui call center ticketing. Sebelumnya memang sudah pernah mendengar layanan semacam ini, tapi baru saat ini saya mencoba. Saya melakukan pemesanan untuk tujuan dari (Gambir). Salah satu alasan mengapa saya menggunakan cara ini adalah karena kebetulan lokasi tempat tinggal yang cukup jauh dari Gambir, dan saya tidak tahu dimana bisa memperoleh tiket melalui agen.

Alasan lain adalah karena harga tiket terlalu tinggi untuk saya — karena memang jadwal perjalanan saya adalah di liburan akhir pekan. Untuk mencari informasi melalui , saya mulai dari mengunjungi situs resmi PT. Kereta Api (Persero), dan langsung melihat ke bagian pemesanan tiket.

Digital influencers

Are digital influencers selling out to Mammon? by Ong Hock Chuan

Moreover, many of these activities and campaigns are sporadic and are not part of an overarching strategy to engage their audiences. At some point, their audiences will turn away because these marketers and their brands fail to realise a truism of new media: that if they want to succeed, the brand needs to become content generators. They must become media themselves. And what they need to churn out is content–that is relevant and useful to their audiences, not some cheap short-term thrill.
What is more disturbing, however, is what harm this short-term gains could potentially do to the digital influencers who, so far, have been a genuinely refreshing new force in the influence sweepstakes.

No, this is Patrick!

this is patrick

New wave 2009: Sandhy Sondoro


Sandhy Sondoro, was born on the island of Java, . Came from a musical family, where the house provide the likes of American pop, folk, Jazz and blues tunes coming from his Mother’s or father’s guitar everyday. Those were the joy that shaped his talents . It is not traditional Indonesian that influenced him but rather soul and blues.
His first experience as a street musician was gained in Biberach on the Riss in Baden Wurttemberg in 1996. The international flair of Berlin attracted him and inspired him. In 1998 he moved back to Berlin and started his career as Sondoro singing and playing the guitar in bars, clubs and in the metro. His famous song Down on the streets was inspired by the experience gained in Berlins metro.
On April 25, 2008 he published his debut Album with the title “Why Dont We” his sophistication for love, peace, and harmony. The album was very well responded around central europe although distributed through indie networking.

Funny Graphs About Twitter

Some funny Twitter graphs. This charts will show you about some -related observation. :) For example: “Who’s Big On Twitter?”, “The Best Thing About Celebrities Being On Twitter Is…”, “Things You Do On Twitter That Annoy Your Friends”, and more. And, here are some of my favorites:

Will you downgrade your Flickr Pro account?

A simple answer: You can, but it might be a bad decision.
This month, I renewed my Flickr Pro account for another one year. The main reason is that I already have more than 6,000 . If you use and you’ve upgraded — and also have hundreds or maybe thousands of photos — I think you have two options: renew or leave your .
I have to agree with what Matt said about this:

My Flickr Pro is about to expire, I don’t really see any value in renewing it, and I’m also pissed off they only show the latest 200 photos for free members, which means if I don’t pay a $25 ransom more than 800 photos going back to the year 2003 (6 years!) are going to be hidden from the world. That sucks.

But, he is lucky since he has the solution for his problem. But, I don’t think I can do the same. For me, $25/year is still reasonable. Downloading all photos and move them somewhere? Not an easy job.

My Flickr Pro account is about to expire, I don’t really see any value in renewing it, and I’m also pissed off they only show the latest 200 photos for free members, which means if I don’t pay a $25 ransom more than 800 photos going back to the year 2003 (6 years!) are going to be hidden from the world. That sucks.

Vimeo Desktop Uploader

Few days ago, when I went to Kalibata Street and Pasar Minggu, I also made some videos. Yesterday, all videos were ready to upload. My plan was to upload them to Vimeo, not or YouTube. Reason? No personal reason. I uploaded using in classic mode.
But, it did not work. When it was about to finish, the upload page brought me to http://settings/. I asked this to Vimeo Staff. They gave me a link for a solution. Then, I pushed my luck by giving Vimeo Desktop Uploader a try.

And, it worked!

I think I’ll use this uploader as my primary tool when I upload my videos to .

Photographers in Action

I love ! [via Kaskus]

Some Changes on Twitter Interface

Among various Twitter applications available, I only use Echofon. I also check ’s regularly when checking updates from my list, follow/unfollow other and some other activities that can be done from the website. Of course, there some Twitter text commands I can use.
Twitter made some changes on its website recently. Some of you might witness it, too. Here are few things I found since yesterday until today.

The update button now says “Tweet”. Previously, it was “Update”. Hmm.. any change the word “Tweet” included in the dictionary? Or, is it already there? And for the update notification, the background color is now light blue, not yellow.
Other actions like following/unfollowing, blocking should be easier now. Just put your mouse on the username and a nice popup will come out. This work also on the avatar. The menus provided will be based on your ‘relationship’ with the users — whether you’re following them or not. See screenshots below: