Telkom Speedy Review (first month)

It has been a month since I started using Telkom Speedy service. So far, I have nothing but positive . I’m an active user and I use internet everyday. I haven’t experienced any connection problem.

Few days after I had my internet connection, I had a call from Speedy representative. She asked me whether I have my internet connection working or not. She also welcomed me and said thank you for using Telkom service. I got information also if I have problem with the connection, I can call the customer support. I already know about this but I never try it until today.

Today, I got another call from them. They informed me that they’ve received my and asked me about their service so far. I told the guy that I don’t have problem so far. I’m not sure about the other customers in other city, but here in (in my place), I have a good experience.

Anyway, I tried to pay my Speedy bill using bank transfer (from ATM), but it seemed that the system is not ready yet here in Jogjakarta. Anyone got the same experienced?

Beware of those 'get more followers' services!

Recently, I see many updates in my Twitter timeline containing updates about that so called “get more free followers”. The idea is to encourage you to join a that will boost your number of followers. Sounds familiar? A simple question: what does those number mean (for me)? What do I want to prove by having hundreds or thousand followers? Nothing.
leather and washer key chain
If you try to find service like this, you will find many. They share some common characteristics:

  • Ask you to login to their , it means you give your username and .
  • Sometime, they ask you to follow more and give you new followers.
  • And then… the worst part is that they will send updates from your .

If you’re aware that there’s something wrong with this practice, you can stop doing this. But, if you don’t check Twitter regularly, don’t be surprised if you flood your timeline with those rubbish. Also, you will flood people with useless updates, too. This happens usually because you don’t know when and how those updates your account. Remember, you gave them permission to access your account when you started using them.
Few weeks ago, I saw one one people I follow used a service like this. His account sent updates few times a day. Not sure about the frequency, but he had more than ten updates promoting the service. And, it seemed that he did not login to his account during that time. What happened next? He got his Twitter account suspended. OK, probably I had a wrong conclusion, but I couldn’t find any other reasons about the suspension.
Personally, I always spend few minutes reading about the service using Twitter login mechanism. I try to get some basic information, e.g:

  • Login method — Twitter already has a standard secure recommendation. Your login information will not be stored to services’ .
  • statement — Even they don’t have lengthy paragraph about this, but you should read and understand it.
  • Read more about the service. How the services deal with your login? What will they do with it?
  • Last but not least — well, it’s my personal preference — do you really need the service?

UPDATE (added later):
Here are some websites that you provide what so called “get more followers” AND you’d better be careful! and — Both are using the same rules. They will ask you to follow other users first, and will give you new followers as “reward”. Here’s what a user experienced: was sending messages from my username, so I closed my account with them and then changed my Twitter password. Now I’m locked out of Twitter…it tells me I am trying to login too many times with the wrong password. I assume this is because tweeterfollow is still trying to tweet on my account?! Ugh!! (story source)

There is another story about, and from Twitter’s Get Satisfaction forum.
There are another services here and, but their websites are suspended by the hosting provider already.

Hey, Twitter will gain entry in dictionary?

Twitter‘s popularity increases very fast among the other microblogging these days. You already know that in 2004, Merriam-Webster dictionary included the word “blog” as Merriam-Webster’s #1 Word of the Year for 2004. Blog is defined as:

[short for Weblog] (1999) : a Web that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer

Back to Twitter, it has gained academic respectability with inclusion in the Collins English :

The entry under noun will read: “a where can post short messages about their current activities” and under verb it will read: “to write short messages on the website”.
The word Twitterati, referring to users of the website, will also be entered, as will Twitterverse, which defines the website and its users.

News source: Telegraph

14th Yogyakarta Gamelan Festival 2009

Gamelan (YGF) is an annual music in . This year, it’s the 14th festival and has “EVERYWHERE” as the event . Anyway, this event is organized by Gayam16. There are many agenda during this event including music , exhibition and also workshop from July 16-18.
This event also invites musicians from some cities like Pamekasan (Madura), Tolitoli (Central Sulawesi), , and also from United Kingdom, USA, France and Japan. It’s a little bit different now. Sapto Raharjo, a gamelan music maestro, was passed away in February 2009.
The music performances will be held in Concert Hall, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta from July 16-18, 2009. And here’s the schedule:

  • Thursday — July 16, 2009
    • Concert (8PM – 11PM)
      • Y. Pamulangan Beksa Sasmita Mardawa (Yogyakarta)
      • Kutiplak Ndang Tak (Yogyakarta)
      • KPH9 (USA and Yogyakarta)
      • Agus Bing and Prabumi Ethnic Jazz Band (Solo)
      • Stupa (Yogyakarta)
    • Exhibition (10AM – 11PM)
      • Tribute to Sapto Raharjo
  • Friday — July 17, 2009
    • Concert (8PM – 11PM)
      • Gita Rarya (Yogyakarta)
      • Kito Siopo? (Japan, UK and Yogyakarta)
      • Alex Grillo and Friends (France and Yogyakarta)
      • Singgayan (Tolitoli, Central Sulawesi)
    • Talkshow (3PM – 5PM)
      • Cultural Dialogue (at Amphitheather, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta)
    • Exhibition (10AM – 11PM)
      • Tribute to Sapto Raharjo
  • Friday — July 18, 2009
    • Concert (8PM – 11PM)
      • Youngsters Gamelan 16 (Yogyakarta)
      • Rene Lysloff and SaKAna (USA)
      • Kabud Hitam (Pamekasan, Madura)
    • Workshop (1PM – 4PM)
      • Gamelan Nowadays (at Auditorium of Lembaga Perancis)
    • Exhibition (10AM – 11PM)
      • Tribute to Sapto Raharjo

250 Million People Are using Facebook (July 2009)

Mark Zuckerberg (Wikipedia profile) announced that Facebook has more than 250 million users around the globe. It’s almost the same with the country population. According to a report, Facebook had 200 million users in last April. I’m amazed to see the growth.
This is how “250 million users” in a world . (click to enlarge, or watch the video)
250 million Facebook users

How to get your suspended Twitter account back?

Today, I got my Twitter account suspended. I’m still not sure why, but it seemed because mistakenly suspended my . I was a little bit panic, but I believed that there was a solution for this situation. I just hoped that Twitter listened and did something on my issue. Of course, I was only one of hundreds, or thousands, or maybe millions of users who got such problem (at that moment).
To make the story short, I finally got my account un-suspended in two hours or . So, what did I do to get my account back?
Being suspended, it does not mean that you don’t have access to your Twitter account. When my status was suspended, I could still login to Twitter. I could see the timeline updates from I follow. Being suspended means that I can’t change any , it’s like being in “read-only” mode. If you think you don’t do any illegal activities (see Twitter rules), and you want to have your account back, just do the standard procedure.
The first thing I did was filling a ticket, explaining the situation. I also mentioned about the situation I wrote in my blog. I was not sure whether the information was useful or not, but at least I provide more details.
Few minutes after that, I was happy because my ticket status marked as “Solved”. Here, “solved” does not mean “Hurray, I get my account back!”. “Solved” also means “assigned to staff”, or “someone had been notified about the issue”.
I did not want to flood the staff by updating my tickets, asking for an emergency actions. It was around 1 AM (my time), and I could wait until morning, if needed. I was not sure about my ticket status. I also was not sure whether Twitter staff reviewed my request or not. I did not know what happened exactly with account. I just waited for feedback/action from Twitter staff.
I reloaded Twitter page randomly, just to check the status. Suspended, still. And then — after around 2 hours — I had my Twitter account back to normal. I was happy, and checked my ticket status, nothing changed. No comments, no feedbacks, … nothing. I was fine with that. Twitter was probably busy with other issues. The most important thing is that Twitter did something from there. Even if the machine did this, I’m still happy. :)
Lessons learned: it’s fine to be panic but the next things are: don’t panic, follow the procedure, and be patient.

My Twitter Account Was Suspended

Few minutes ago, Twitter got a problem. Not sure about the real problem, but when I opened Twiter , it said something about “Over Capacity”. I waited. Probably this was the best thing I could do. Usually, heals its problem in minutes. And, Twitter was back.
Was the problem solved? I thought so. But, I got a bigger problem. My account was suspended. I was logged in to my at that time and got a warning message.
My Twitter's account was suspended
OK, my account was suspended and I got this message (this is a notification for suspended account):

This account is currently suspended and is being investigated due to strange activity. If we have suspended your account mistakenly, please let us know. See Suspended Accounts for more information.

Strange activity? Well, I think I do no strange activities using my Twitter account, and I think my followers know this. Maybe, Twitter suspended my account by mistake. Maybe, the system did it. I’m just unlucky right now. I’ll contact the staff now, and let see how it goes.
Update 2:40 AM: My Twitter is un-suspended. Yay! I’m not sure the exact time, but it took than two hours to have my issue resolved. Thank you Twitter staff! Will post about this experience later.

YouTube is about to say goodbye to IE6

A good news! YouTube will stop its support for old — in this case, Explrorer 6. Visitors who visit using IE6 will have an alert like this (click to enlarge). Let’s bring IE6 down!
(info via TechCrunch)


I think I like the behind new Automattic’s website. The products and descriptions are haiku-powered. This is how they explain about :

Even with your own
Freemium model

About Akismet:

Remember the days
Innocent inboxes gleam
Be spam-free again.

For complele list, go to Automattic’s site.

We Choose the Moon

We Choose the Moon — Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Lunar Landing. plugin required. (via kottke)

Pembayaran Tagihan Telkom Speedy Melalui ATM BCA

Dua hari yang lalu saya berencana untuk membayar tunggakan tagihan koneksi Speedy melalui . Memang ini baru kali pertama saya melakukan pembayaran Telkom Speedy, karena memang baru sekitar 1 bulan menggunakannya. Untuk masalah kualitas akses internet, saya belum menemukan kendala yang berarti. Paling tidak, kuota saya sudah hampir habis untuk bulan Juli ini. Oh ya, saya menggunakan Speedy Multi Speed paket Family.

Jadi, waktu itu saya sekaligus membayar tagihan-tagihan lainnya (telepon rumah dan ). Ketika saya sudah memasukkan nomor pelanggan Telkom Speedy, saya mendapati jumlah tagihan dan nama pelanggan yang benar. Nah, sewaktu akan melanjutkan ke proses pembayaran, saya mendapatkan respon bahwa transaksi pembayaran tidak dapat diproses. Waduh! Saya coba sekali lagi, tidak berhasil juga. Coba lagi, sekali lagi, tidak berhasil juga.

Akhirnya saya urungkan niatan saya untuk membayar melalui ATM. Siapa tahu lain hari bisa dilakukan.

Hari ini, akhirnya mencoba telepon teman saya yang sama-sama menggunakan layanan Telkom Speedy, dan saya tanyakan tentang proses pembayaran. Saya mendapatkan informasi kalau ternyata memang pembayaran tagihan belum bisa dilakukan melaui ATM. Saya juga tidak tahu, apakah ini hanya terjadi di , atau juga di daerah/kota lainnya.

Ya… berarti memang besok harus bayar langsung.

Seesmic Web-Based Twitter Client

There are many and applications to work with , but right now, I use Twitterfox as my primary tool to interact with my Twitter account. I also have some applications installed like Seesmic desktop, DestroyTwitter, and TweetDeck. But, when I start working with my browsers, I rarely open other Twitter client(s).
Seesmic introduced its web-based Twitter client. If you’re using the desktop version, it’s very similar. The web-based version recreates the . I tried it, and it looks good. The main reason using Twitterfox is because it offers simplicity with very basic (updates, checking replies/mentioned, and direct message).
So far, my favorite feature of Seeismic (web-based version) is the -like style. Simple. And, it’s auto-updated, too.
Of course, if you have wide-screen monitor, you can switch to multi-column interface.

Berkas Rekaman Audio Debat Capres dan Cawapres Pemilu 2009

Hari pemilihan presiden dan wakil presiden 2009 sudah berlangsung beberapa hari yang lalu. Saya akhirnya memutuskan juga untuk menggunakan hak suara saya. Bagi saya, ini pertama kalinya saya menggunakan hak pilih saya. Yang pemilu legislatif kemarin saya putuskan untuk tidak ikut memilih. Karena tidak tahu siapa yang harus saya pilih.

Nah, kebetulan dalam rangkaian proses Pilpres ada acara debat di televisi. Menarik sih, not bad-lah untuk model seperti ini, apalagi belum pernah diselenggarakan sebelumnya. Saya juga akhirnya merekam acara tersebut, namun hanya dalam format . Alasannya ini lebih ekonomis dan lebih mudah dilakukan, dibandingkan dengan merekam audio dan videonya.

Dari total 5 (lima) debat yang dilaksanakan, hanya debat ke-4 saja yang saya lewatkan. Ini juga karena kebetulan saya tidak dirumah. Debat ke-4 tersebut adalah debat cawapres periode kedua. Kalau misal ada yang mau meng-unduh berkas audio-nya, berikut ini adalah daftar berkasnya.


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