Perang argumen dan komentar seputar Pemilu

Menjelang pelaksanaan Pemilihan Presiden Juli mendatang, semakin banyak komentar dan perang argumen diantara politisi. Ya, sudah sejak legislatif yang lalu juga. Atau, diluar periode itupun, terkait dengan pemerintahan, sudah sering terjadi seperti ini.

Sepertinya, argumentasi dengan merendahkan, menjelekkan dan mencari kekurangan orang lain (terutama pesaing) sudah menjadi hal yang lumrah. Menjadi sesuatu yang wajar. Bahkan dianggap sangat wajar sepertinya.

Bagi saya sendiri, silakan saja sih… Tapi ketika katakanlah salah satu orang membicarakan kejelekan orang lain (bahkan dengan semangat dan penuh keyakinan bahwa dirinyalah yang paling benar), pada saat yang sama malah memperlihatkan kualitasnya. Maksud saya, maunya sih meninggikan diri/kelompok, tapi hasilnya malah memperlihatkan seperti apa diri/kelompok mereka sendiri. Seolah-olah orang lain atau pihak lain tidak memiliki sisi positif sedikitpun.

Yang lebih ajaib adalah, ketika mereka sendiri mengingkari apa yang mereka omongkan sendiri. Atau, ketika argumen yang disampaikan untuk orang lain dipertanyakan atau dikembalikan ke diri/kelompok mereka sendiri. Ternyata, mereka kok malah ngomongkan kejelekan diri mereka sendiri.

WordPress 2.8's Syntax Highlighting

I just tried WordPress 2.8 Beta 1. The upcoming version will offers many new features. So far, the syntax highlighting is a great addition. It is available on and plugin pages.

VIVAnews Deleted Its Twitter Account. A Smart Move?

Not following VIVAnews doesn’t make me stop reading ’s comments about it. There are some blogs brought this into discussion. Today, I noticed that @vivanews_com account had been deleted by the account holder. Maybe, it’s because the Twitter users’ (especially in and its followers) responses.
Now, the question: Is it — deleting its Twitter — a smart move? Is it the best option? I think, it’s not. Let’s figure out why the account was closed.

  • VIVAnews wanted to get another account, and announce it as its official account. When it was published, I couldn’t find any link of it at their , or something mentioned that it was official.
  • They (people at VIVAnews?) want to do it better in the future.
  • They want to “remove” people’s comment.

I think, rather than closing/deactivated its account, the account holder should stop the auto-update and show that they’re listening. They can do it by removing its (s) from Twitterfeed. Then, they give respond also via Twitter. Why? Because it’s the medium. They can ask for feedback, and how they can make it better next time.
It can be a better counter for the negative comments on Twitter. If they think that closing account will remove the negative comments, they’re wrong. It’s still accessible in Twitter , unless people who wrote tweets delete them. See these screenshots: one and two. Those screenshots were taken, even the referenced account has been deleted.
Now, will they join Twitter again? I’m curious.

Videoblogs from Indonesia

I’ve started my at If you want to find out other videoblogs from (made by Indonesians), here are some of them.

Topify, A Much Better Twitter Notification Email System

I think I forgot when I joined (got invitation) to try Topify and started using it. Until now, is really useful. It’s a timesaver! Topify is a simple that will send notification (by ), and it’s related to Twitter. Two important keywords: and email .
Sometime, we got notification from Twitter when other Twitter users start following us. Or, if we receive direct message. Is it good? It is. But, what can we do with the email we receive? What’s next?
Previously Twitter sends email notification in flat text. The notification only provides some basic details like Twitter username, real name, and link to Twitter profile page. The last thing is a link to our Twitter page to modify the notification settings.
Recently, Twitter provides more details, and it’s in HTML format. It includes these following details when we have a new follower:

  • Link to new follower’s Twitter profile page,
  • Number of followers,
  • Number of updates, and
  • How many our new follower follows

When we receive a direct message, we will also get information about the sender and link to reply. I use Topify to handle my Twitter-related email notification. And, I’m satisfied. How?


Not sure whether this is right for me or not. It’s called FlickrSync.

FlickrSync is a freeware synchronization application for users. It displays your local folders and your flickr sets and it can establish synchronization rules between them. This way you can manage all your locally and FlickrSync will keep them updated in flickr.

Available for XP SP2 and .Net 3.0 only.

I don't follow VIVAnews on Twitter

If you’re using Twitter, you might get some new followers in the last few days. One of them might be VIVAnews. I had VIVAnews followed me, but I didn’t follow it back. Why?
I do follow some bots on to get updates as long as they don’t flood my timeline. Some media (portal) in start using Twitter as a tool to gain readership — sometime they just want to do it. What makes it wrong is that they don’t do it nicely. Sometime, I think they don’t have any strategy.
The only on Twitter I follow is @thejakartaglobe. Why, because it does not send tweets automatically using so called to Twitter tool. And, they’re joining the conversation, not killing it. For example, few months ago they joined the discussion on Plumpang tragedy. I still remembered when someone on Twitter gave updates, @thejakartaglobe responded. Asking some questions for clarification. That’s a good example, I think. So, there’s someone behind — a real human.
I’m not sure wheter VIVAnews’ Twitter is managed by VIVAnews or not. Because:

  • The profile does not mention the primary .
  • Some tweets seemed ‘’ e.g.
    • Thanks udah Follow :) (link)
    • Bored, bored and bored to day,,, i need new PC (link)

OK, this account tried to get more followers by following other users. This is a usual strategy. Does it work? May be. May be not. What — the followers — think about it? You can read their responds. :)
Update: To find out the conversation on VIVANews’ Twitter account:

Mentioned brands on Twitter

Brand Republic released a list of 100 most mentioned brands on popular microblogging , Twitter. Here are the top ten (order by how many these brands were mentioned):

  1. Starbucks
  2. BBC
  3. AIG
  4. Guardian
  5. Coca-Cola

Do all of those brands — and the rest on the list — have their own ? No. The list does not discuss about why Twitter users mentioned those brands. Not clear whether they got positive or negative comments. They’re just mentioned and popular on Twitter.

(via Doug Bowman)

Bigger HD Video File Size Limit (Flickr)

Flickr already supports HD Videos. Another good new for Flickr Pro users: Flickr raised the video filesize limit! We can now upload upto 500 MB of — previously, the limit was 150 MB). Yay!