Basic Features and Notes You Might Want to Know

When Budi Putra visited Jogjakarta last weekend, I was involved in a discussion about a video provider called I’m using it now effectively for my . We learned about the , , and other aspects that we need to know. It was because we wanted to find the video hosting provider that really meet our need. So far, works great on my videoblog.
Here are what we found. If you need video hosting provider, and you consider , you might want to know these things:

  1. offers two types of account: free and pro accounts. The pro account offers many additional features like priority transcode access, transcode to iPod and MP3 formats, longer transcode times, hidden videos, and also timed publishing.
    It costs $8/month. If we purchase annually, we will get two extra months for free. only accepts Paypal right now.
  2. If we do not want to continue our pro account subscription, some pro features will be removed and all hidden videos will be visible.
  3. There are no video upload limits per day, or weeks. The maximum video size is 1 GB per file.
  4. To upload videos, we can use some alternatives: using web-based uploader, cell , FTP or software.
  5. The desktop uploader is called UpperBlip. It is compatible with many operating systems.
  6. By default, our “Show Page” is generated from our username. So, it will be something like this: We can have different address for show page . Username does not have to be the same with the show page. Show page address can be changed, but not the username. You have to contact for this.
  7. offers an program. This is an optional feature. If you don’t want to see any advertisement in your uploaded videos, you can simply disable them from the dashboard.
  8. shares 50% of the adjusted gross advertising revenues that are actually received by and generated by user content with the user who uploaded the content. (source)
  9. We can customize the video player. If you want to embed the videos to different sites, we can have a preset to produce desired embed code.
  10. Many ways to distribute the videos e.g. automatic notification post to , , delicious, etc.

Of course, there are many other features and information. You can see more from FAQ and Help page. Do not forget also to read its terms of service.

Moving Feedburner Feeds to Google Account

I did this few weeks ago. All my feeds under my Feedburner had been integrated with my Account. I managed some feeds, not only for my blogs, but also some other blogs I maintain. It’s encouraged to move into your Google Account. When did this, I had no problem. Google has some details about this.

Yahoo! Rolls Out Its New Design?

Yahoo! New Design
I just logged out from my Yahoo! email address, and I see ’s new homepage . Last year, some people had noticed this. The address is I tried using . When I typed, my redirected me to that address. I switched to another browser (), it did not redirect me like Firefox. And when I go to¬† directly using Opera, it redirected me to the old ( The new design is not ready for Opera yet?
Compared to the previous design, this is much simpler. There is a box to add . But, I haven’t tested this. Anyone also see the new design?

WordPress Automatic Upgrade and Default Theme

Last few weeks, I worked on a WordPress . But, it was the first time I used default as its theme folder. If you use WordPress, you might know how will deal with default theme folder. It will be used if something goes wrong with the theme. For example, you’re working on a theme , and it’s broken, your WordPress theme will be automatically reverted to the default folder.
I chose to use default folder because I always want to have this theme loaded. But, I found that it was not the best decision to make. Why?
It’s about WordPress automatic feature. When WordPress 2.7.1 was available, I upgraded using its web-based upgrade system. Click on the automatic ugprade button, and voila! Latest version was installed. BUT, it will overwrite my theme files, which are located in the default theme folder. Luckily, I still have the backup. So, I re-uploaded the theme files into different theme folder.

Follow and follow back on Twitter

On Twitter, I have some personal preferences about who I follow. When someone follows me, I usually do not follow them back directly for some reasons, mostly it’s because of spammy users. If someone starts following me, I usually check his/her profile first. I tried not to follow back without reading about their profile (and their updates).
I will not follow other users back mainly because of these two reasons:

  • I do not know them. The word “know” here is not about I have met them in real life. I look up their profile. If they have no profile, /blog , or short biography. I will not follow them. I might block them.
  • They follow many people, but have follower and updates, e.g. Following 800+ users, less than 10 followers, and the first update is few minutes ago?

Usually, I block them right away. Anyway, I follow other people not because I want them to follow me back.

Flickr Pro Renewal

In the next few days, Flickr Pro I have with Lala will be expired (see our Flickr Photostream). I haven’t decided whether I renew it before or after the expiry date. I am curious about this. About this renewal, Flickr explains:

If your Pro account expires, don’t panic! None of your or videos have been deleted!
This means instead of enjoying the super-duper capacity of your Pro account, you’re now subject to the limits of a free account. If you again, all of your photos will be waiting for you.
Any of your sets that disappeared will magically reappear when you renew or upgrade.

Again, I’m curious about this. There are more than 3,000 photos and 80+ photo sets. Is it really safe to leave it expired to see the effect? I don’t know. The free account only has three sets, which sets will be visible? I’m curious. At the same time, I don’t want to take a risk. We’ll see…


Twitbin is a extension that allows you to keep up with all of your conversations right from your sidebar. Send messages, receive messages, share links, and more from , the best twitter for firefox out there.

WordPress Plugins Search and Comment Threading

Finally, WordPress now offers a better search engine for its plugin directory. It is using Sphinx right now. But, it does not search by authors and tags. It only reads all information from readme.txt which is delivered in every plugins uploaded to directory.

Another improvement — well, I think I should call it “feature” — is that is now supporting comment threading feature. This feature is included in the core if you’re using self-hosted 2.7.1. Since seems already to the latest version, we can now use this feature also. Just go to Settings and choose Discussion from your .

Good Bye and Hello Videoblogging!

If you read my blog, you might know that I have started my videoblog few months ago. If you follow me via Twitter, yo might heard about my -related : . So, it is time to say “good bye” and “hello”.
Good bye“… because I want to discontinue my at I will stop posting new videos there. I might still use my to store my videos, but I will not post them at I will keep them as archive.
Now, it is time to say “hello” to my new videoblog. Last week, I decided to buy a new name for my videoblog. It’s I did this because I want to bring this into completely different section, not under my blog domain name. This is the first time I bought a .tv domain, too. I bought it for than US$ 20/year. I want to join the videoblogging crowd now, especially among Indonesian videosphere. Hello Notsogeeky and Webicara!

Superman's Secret Cartoon History

Superman’s Secret Cartoon History

Superman was one of the most famous American creations of the 20th Century. The first true comic book super-star and a cultural , the caped character quickly leapt from ten cent comic to daily newspaper stardom and a popular radio show. Then Hollywood called. Republic Pictures tried to him for a twelve chapter serial, but Paramount placed a higher bid and the Man of Steel became a cartoon pioneer–the first science fiction adventure cartoon, setting the bar for all action animation to come.

via Khoi Vinh


EMPRNT is a resource for designers who love and design related items.

Opera Turbo

Opera Turbo is a cross-platform solution, available for computers, , and other -enabled devices. By compressing network traffic by up to 80%, Turbo helps to enable the sustainability and scalability of networks in order to meet traffic demands and ensure a superior browsing experience.

Troubleshooting: Can't Login After WordPress Upgrade

Today, I was helping my client upgrading her WordPress-powered blog. He was using 2.6.x series. I upgraded using the standard procedur, and I thought the whole process was painless. But, it was not. I could not access its “”. The login screen was there, but when I entered the username and — I was 1,000% sure that I typed a correct combination — nothing happened.

Few months ago, I had a problem with the “Redirect Loop”. I made a speculation: removing all under wp-content/plugins/ directory. Of course, after I made sure that I had the list of all active plugins. After that, I tried to login again, and voila! I continued re-installing all plugins needed. Problem solved.

Tumblr New Features

I’m using for Blog Pemilu and my other collaborative , Orangescale Tumblelog. So, if you don’t get updates from this blog, I might posts in those two tumbleogs.

Recently, Tumblr added some new . Some of them are few things that I really like, because I find them useful. Here they are:

  • Save posts as drafts.
  • Set a post to be published at a specific time.
  • Queue up posts to be published automatically on a configurable interval.

Okey these are useful. There is another new feature about -related content. We can post an audio content directly from a phone call. Of course, it uses international rate. I haven’t tried it myself. Anyone? If you want to try it, configure the settings from the goodies page. Just in case you need it, you can do it now.
Last year, I bought a . It was I wanted to build a site related to General Election in . But, I haven’t figured out what to make.
In the last few weeks, I decided to use it as a tumblelog using Tumblr with custom domain . Why not using self-hosted ? The answer is simple and straight forward: I do not want to get busy preparing the tecnical stuff like , etc.
There are many users from Indonesia, and since a Tumblr-powered tumblelog can have multiple authors, it’s just perfect. I started writing some texts, , photos, etc. Then, I invited some Tumblr users I know — from — to contribute. So, here it is now: Blog Pemilu. Big thanks to all contributors!
If you want to contribute, you can. You only need a Tumblr . Just contact me directly or by email — the information is available on the site. Other requirement? Well, you want to share -related stuff. :)