OpenX Hosted is available for all web publisher now!

It was in the private beta, need invitation. I got one. Now, hosted solution (beta) is available for web publisher. Say good bye to invitation, sign up now. Again, it’s free up to 25 million of ad impression per month. If you’re a Twitter user like me, do not forget to follow @openx

Canon EOS 450D (Digital Rebel XSi / Kiss X2 Digital)

No, no. I haven’t bought it. It’s still in my wishlist. (specifications/review)

WordPress Apps for LinkedIn

We can add WordPress application for LinkedIn now.

With the App, you can sync your WordPress blog posts with your profile, keeping everyone you know in the know. Once added, you can filter your posts with a special LinkedIn tag and even display your personal WordPress (global avatar). Updates are automatically sent to your network for instant notifications and gratification. (WordPress Apps details)

This is available for both and self-hosted WordPress.

OpenX Hosted Solution Invitation

Yesterday, I got an invitation to try OpenX hosted solution beta . This hosted solution can serve up to 25 million ad impressions per month. If the “free version” is not enough to serve larger traffic, there will be premium hosted packages.
Compared to the self-hosted , it’s a little bit different. I installed independently few months ago. I haven’t decided where I will use my OpenX , but I will.

Jogja Java Carnival

Java Carnival. Pertama kali mendengar ini sewaktu saya ikut di acara FAM Trip Journalist beberapa bulan yang lalu. Ya, sebuah pagelaran istimewa yang ingin menampilkan sebuah atraksi budaya dan kesenian untuk peringatan HUT Kota di tahun ini (HUT Kota Jogjakarta ke-252). Dan, kemarin (25 Oktober 2008), sebuah karnaval itupun berlangsung.

Setelah beberapa hari sebelumnya sempat melihat spanduk-spanduk bertebaran di beberapa sudut kota Jogja, saya tidak ingin melewatkan acara ini. Jujur saja, saya memiliki sebuah ekspetasi tersendiri untuk melihat sebuah suguhan acara yang menarik. Tapi, setelah melihat awal dari acara ini, dan dilanjutkan dengan melihat “sebagian” acara ini, dan jika harus menggambarkan bagaimana acara ini berlangsung: saya tidak merasakan sebuah acara yang spektakuler. Kecewa? Mungkin iya.

Understanding CSS

Everything You Know About CSS Is Wrong by Digital Web Magazine.

WordPress 2.6.3

I just upgraded my to the latest version: WordPress 2.6.3. This is a maintenance , anyway. Since I like to have the most updated WordPress, I have no reason not to it.
This release fixes some vulnerability. To make my life easier, there are only two files to upload: wp-includes/class-snoopy.php and wp-includes/version.php. Easy.

The 10 Greatest Zombie Films

The 10 Greatest Zombie Films of All Time (with Evidence). I’m not a big fan of this kind of , but here’s a list: Shaun of the Dead, 28 Days Later, The Serpent and the Rainbow, and more.


Okey, this is cool.

Deskography is a simple little where you upload of your desk. Why? Well, the idea is that it’s to invite the world to see where you work.

Virtual Strip Search Effect

Virtual Strip Search Effect (by Orangescale)
Last month, I got Google Chrome effect. This is what happened for my post about “virtual strip search“.

Opera 9.61

Opera 9.61 is availabe. I think I’ll my Opera 9.6 after this. There are some security fixes.

OpenX hosted solution

OpenX, ad management will offer hosted solution for ad management. Currently, it’s still in beta testing. You can apply for registration.
This should be great because we can outsource the traffic, bandwidth and other resources needed to run an ad management system. Well, there is Google Ad Manager. Which one is better? Still don’t know yet. I’ve signed up for the beta invitation. If you’re interested, just sign up now.
(Hat tip: Eko Pramuyanto)

Airport Scanners Will Show Genitals (Australia)

A new being tested in Australia can see through clothing and is being described as a “virtual strip search.”

What’s what the news said (via BuzzFeed). It’s on trial in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide airports from this month.
From to AOL Australia:

“It does see through clothing, but it’s not a photographic , it’s a low-energy X-ray that reflects off the skin,” said Cheryl Johnson, general manager of the Office of Transport Security.
“It will show the private parts of , but what we’ve decided is that we’re not going to blur those out, because it severely limits the detection capabilities. It is possible to see genitals and breasts while they’re going through the machine, though.”
“The faces are automatically blurred and … it’s only a chalk-style outline, it’s not as invasive as some of the other equipment that we’ve got,” she said.

Best Online Flash Games

If you have free time, take a look at these huge collection of online flash games. You will not find 30, or 50 but 150! Screenshots, short overviews and links to play those games are also available.

Third 2008 Presidential Debate (US)

Just in case you’re interested. Third 2008 Presidential Debate is available at YouTube.