Road to 2,000 Flickr Photos

Last June, we marched to reach 1,000 photos in our photostream — and we made it! Now, we’re close to 2,000. Last month (August), we posted more than 860 photos. Blame Jogja Fashion Week 2008 and Jogja Food Festival! :)
I think, we’re just addicted to Flickr more, and more.

Opportunity to Sell Your Websites

There are already big companies buying other companies or on the internet. This is an interesting to follow. But, for individuals the chance to be acquired or bought by other companies to raise money might be to little.
For example, you have a well-designed , and it has a huge traffic. If selling your comes to your mind, there is an opportunity. There is a company — who might buy your website — called WM Media. Accourding to its profile:

WM Media was formed in 2007 to provide an outlet for small website owners and large businesses to sell their websites and get a fair price. Additionally, we provide advertising reaching hundreds of thousands of visitors per month.
Interested? Okey, if you want to sell a website, there are some requirements:

  • Should contain at least 20 pages of unique, well written content of at least 500 words each.
  • The is at least 9 months old.
  • No porn, warez, or other questionable activities.
  • Not interested in websites focused on celebrities, legal advice, medical advice, technology, or .
  • Website should not require a large amount of maintainence (i.e. drop shipping).
  • Should have backlinks from related websites.

Before making a decision to sell our website, it’s recommended to read as much information as possible. Just to make sure that we make a good decision. VM Media also has a blog to interact with its audience. There are many useful references. Look at this example before selling our website:

Try to maintain your website by organizing its and . Get updated on the latest developments of web technology. You should include all the relevant features in your site. When selling a website, try to project a reliable and convincing of your site for the prospective buyers. If customers are happy, your site will definitely fetch you a handsome amount of money.

Couldn’t agree more. You can sell your website from $300 to $300,000. Just fill in the form and tell them about your website. A good chance, right?

Do You Block Other Twitter Users?

My short answer is: Yes. Sometimes, I do block some Twitter users (followers). The main reason is pretty simple. I think they’re spammy users. For example, here are their ‘condition’:

  • I could not even see his/her profile. No , no short bio.
  • He/she follows too-many users, but only have little followers.
  • He/she only promote what he/she’s doing. Okey, I am not talking about @cnnbrk — it’s a different story.

So, I blocked them. In , blocking a person means:

  • You will no longer show up in the blocked person’s list of friends.
  • Your updates won’t show up on the blocked person’s profile page.
  • The blocked person will not be able to add you as a friend.
  • You can unblock . You’ll have to add them as a friend after unblocking, though.

I’m fine with that. I’m just curious, are you also blocking other users?

The Most Dangerous Celebrities in Cyberspace

McAfee recently names Hollywood’s most celebrated Dad Brad Pitt as riskiest celebrity to search for on the web. Hey, what is it all about? Here is an excerpt:

Brad Pitt has overtaken Paris Hilton as the most dangerous to search for in cyberspace according to company McAfee. For the second year running, McAfee entered the glamorous world of Hollywood to reveal the riskiest celebrities in cyberspace. Checking in on your famous friends is not only a guilty pleasure, but seriously dangerous for your PC. Fans searching for “Brad Pitt,” “Brad Pitt downloads,” and Brad Pitt wallpaper, screen savers and pictures have an 18% chance of having their PCs infected with online threats, such as spyware, spam, phishing, adware, viruses and other malware.

When searching about “Brad Pitt screensavers”, more than half of the were identified as containing malicious downloads with spyware, adware and potential viruses.
Besides Brad Pitt, there are some other celebrities on the list that produce the largest number of risky sites when search for the web:

Jessica Alba – Red-ranked risky sites were identified when searching for “Jessica Alba” and “Jessica Alba downloads.” The sites contained hundreds of malicious downloads, links to other bad sites, misleading offers to gather information, and a high number of spam emails when an address was provided.

Read other interesting results at McAfee website.

A Guide to Earthquakes

What causes tremors? What makes them stop? Can they be predicted? Are our buildings as safe as they can be? Find the answers!

Fight Global Warming and White Roofs

A recent study found that there is a connection between global warming and white roofs.

A can of white paint should be part of the planet’s arsenal against global warming, say California researchers, who have calculated that installing white roofs in the world’s cities could offset 1.5 years of man-made carbon emissions. (source)

For related article in Bahasa Indonesia, please go to, a very informative blog about . Anyway, I painted my room green. Just curious, if I painted white, does it help to lower the room temperature? Please don’t suggest to get air conditioner. :)

Password is like…

You have heard many advices from the about . About making a strong and good password, advice to change the password regularly, etc. About this password-thingy, I found an interesting note about password: Password is like a toothbrush — choose a good one and don’t share it. Anyway, found this on a post by Yodel Anecdotal about mail security tips.

Yahoo! New Homepage

Yahoo! will roll out its new in the future. (reference)

Dropbox might be your solution for file-sharing need

Today, I just registered and use a newly open-for-public - called Dropbox. That’s right, Dropbox just launched for public few days ago. The first impression: I think I will LOVE it. Here are few why I think it might be great solution — for me, and I hope for you too. :)
It’s free. But here, free does not mean unlimited. All free can have up to 2 GB of . If you think it’s not enough, other ‘package’ will be available: 50GB for only $9.99/month, or $99.99/year.
Rich of features, but easy to use. I think its got my attention when I visited the for the first time. It’s simple and has an easy-to-understand navigation. Some interesting features:

  • Sync contents between your PC with your Dropbox account. But, before you can use all features, you need Dropbox client installed on your computer. The good thing is that its client is available for many platforms: Windows, Linux and also Mac. Anyway, if you visit Dropbox site, you will not see the registration page because the registration is done from the client . I’ve tried it using Windows XP Home SP2, and it works without any problems.
  • A box for multiple computers. This is good especially if you work on different computers.
  • Access our files anywhere. If we do not have Dropbox client installed, we can access our files using web-based interface. We can also upload new files.
  • Better file management. We can create folders/directories, and set the permission for each files. It means, we can share a file with other friends using a “public” .

Interesting? Try it.

Marcell Siahaan's Blog

I just knew about Marcell Siahaan’s blog from Benny Candra. Yes, he’s that Marcell, an Indonesian . If you’re his fans and want to know more about him, it’s time to visit his blog. This is what I like from a blog, it can bring individual closer to each other. Anyway, I just knew also that his full name is Marcellius Kirana Hamonangan Siahaan. :)

Flickr Homepage New Design

New Flickr Home Page
I think Flickr homepage new is much better, that’s what I feel. Even the new design has not been rolled out for public, but you can have it now. Read Flickr blog for more details about the new design.
So, what’s hot there? Here are few things I found/like:

  • The main content (column) — it’s on the left — has more useful items.
  • On the front page, you will have this “box”.
    • Your recent . It’s 5 now instead of 4 photos, and recent activity info. You can toogle between these menus, and your settings is saved automatically. will remember your recent “tabs”.
    • Your contact — We can see 10 photos, not only 4.
    • Photos from Groups. If you’re joining groups in Flickr, you’ll see the recent photos from certain groups. And, it seems that they’re displayed in random order.
    • If you like to explore photos in Flickr, there is another random items on the bottom area. Click the refresh , and you’ll get different content.
    • New post from Flickr blog resides on the top sidebar.
    • There is also random tips (?) for Flickr users. For example it says: You can post photos straight to your blog from Flickr!, It’s the “dos” and “don’ts” of Flickr citizenship, Making your own posters, or backup disks is easy, etc. Click the refersh icon to randomize it.
  • The recent activity is improved. If you go to .. you’ll see the differences. You can made some adjustments about the activity settings. If you’re Flickr Pro user, some short stats about your photos is available from that page.
  • On the recent activity page, we can stop the updates/changes from certain items. There is an icon/menu says “Mute activity on this item”.

Overall impression? It looks great! And anyway, this is our (Lala and I) Flickr photostream page.

Sherina Says

I dunno why, but I think SOME are just SOOO BLIND that they keep on callin me a GOTH. Oh my god. Can’t you people start doing some research on Gothic people. No offense to the goth , but it’s just I don’t like being categorized into things I’m actually NOT involved in. Also, just in case if any of you guys open the SUPER BIG and found an information about me dating some indie rock band vocalist/guitarist (or whatever), it is a total bullshit. (source, right it’s from Sherina’s blog.)

Jason Calacanis Switches to WordPress

Remember Jason Calacanis? He said good bye to blogging few months ago. Now, he moves his blog to WordPress. Why? Because he does not want to be on the Blogsmith — Weblogs Inc.’s blog platform — anymore? (source)


Question: Is 5 ready yet? Go to for the answer :)

Themes for Google Chrome

When I heard about Google Chrome, I downloaded right away. Even now I have it installed, but I do not use it for daily work. Mozilla Firefox and Opera are still on my top list.
If you’re using Chrome and you want to have different looks, there are some Google Chrome themes available to . I haven’t tried to install a yet. Maybe later. Anyway, if you want to use some other , do not forget to install XChrome. What is XChrome?

XChrome is a theme manager for Googles Chrome , it allows users to install a skin in seconds without having to move default.dll around and it allows you to view the author and various other details before installing.
XChrome also allows users who do not have XChrome install to install themes by double clicking the themes .exe , they are prompted to install the theme, they agree the theme is copied to Chromes Default.dll