For Your Eyesight

There are some other diets for better eyesight. Not only carrots. Try also bell peppers, broccoli, brussels sprouts, ostrich, turkey, sweet potatoes, spinach, wild salmon and sardines. (source)

How's your wp-config.php file?

relies on wp-config.php to connect to . Here, there are some basic settings about our WordPress like database-related information and language interface. When we our WordPress installation to new , we can have our WordPress blog running without problem, even without touching wp-config.php file.
But, in some release, there are some new settings that should be — well, I’d rather say ‘recommended’ — added. For example, WordPress 2.5 introduced a new setting called SECRET_KEY. Read more about this new at Ryan Boren’s blog or WordPress Codex.
Do you have those setting in your wp-config.php? If not, it’s time to add it.
For the next release, there will be another new settings that can be added. So far, there will be WP_POST_REVISIONS. It’s related to Post Revisions feature that will be introduced in WordPress 2.6. Since I have taken the decision not to use that feature, I will turn this feature off for my coming upgrade. So, right now — I’m still using WordPress 2.5.1 — I added a setting to disable Post Revisions feature in my wp-config.php.
It’s always a good idea to have wp-config. has the recommended settings, according to WordPress version we’re using. It’s never too late to fix your file.

Set the order of WordPress Pages

Using WordPress, we can make non-post content easily. This non-post content is known as “Pages“. It is also easy to display the created pages, using wp_list_pages tag. We can also manage the order of pages — when displayed in our blog — using sort_column argument inside wp_list_pages. For some , it should be easy. But, can we do that in easier way? Yes, we can.
There is a plugin called My Page Order. It will help us reorganize our pages, especially when we have many pages. We can do it using drag-and-drop interface.
We can also manage the page order of sub-pages (if any). I use this plugin for my blog (using WordPress 2.5.1), and it looks good.

Google Mail Sending Limit

I have been using for long time and have a good experience. I feel no limitations about this service. But, does it have limitation-free service? It seems it doesn’t. There is a limitation about sending email using Google email service.

In an effort to fight spam and prevent abuse, Google will temporarily disable your if you send a message to more than 500 recipients or if you send a large number of undeliverable messages. If you use a POP or IMAP client ( Outlook or , e.g.), you may only send a message to 100 at a time. Your account should be re-enabled within 24 hours. (source)

Okey, there is a limitation. But, I don’t think that I will hit that. Do you?

Mainstream news and blogs

In other words, in five years, will mainstream news sites essentially be collections of individual writer blogs tied together mainly with section indexes and cross-linking? Mike Davidson

XML Sitemaps and All in One SEO Pack for WordPress

  • Sitemaps are available for .com-powered blogs. What all users need to do to get this feature? Well.. nothing. It’s already done automagically. (source)
  • All in One SEO Pack is not dead. Right now, it is compatilble with the latest stable of WordPress (WP 2.5.1). If you heard about the news that it will not be developed anymore, we do not need to worry now. It has a new home.

TimesPeople from The New York Times


The New York Times launches a new feature called TimesPeople. It’s a social network for Times readers — and it’s still in beta. Here, we can share interesting news found at with other users. If we think that other should find out about articles, comments or any other news at NYTimes, we can recommend them to other people.

When I tried this and explore some pages inside TimesPeople, I see a combination of Twitter, and Only combination from those ? I see Newsvine and Digg, too.

Currently, we can use this social network service only on Mozilla Firefox. It’s available as add-on. Read TimesPeople FAQ page for more details.

Hello Firefox 3.0 Final

I am downloading 3.0 Final right now. When I check I could not find the link for Firefox 3.0, it is still Firefox 2.0.014. Luckily, Spreadfirefox already provided the link. Get it while it’s hot.

The A.P. Guidelines for Blogs

The Associated Press to Set Guidelines for Using Its Articles in Blogs. (via Benny Chandra)

WordPress 2.6 Features

The coming 2.6 (scheduled to be released on August 7th, 2008, or July 7th, 2008) will have more . Most of you probably heard that about the probably-most-well-known Post Revisions feature. But, there are some other features that should be highlighted. Here are some of them I find (using WordPress from SVN, revision 8094):
Post Revisions
WP 2.6: Post Revisions
Using this, our WordPress will save a copy of our post everytime you edit it. We can take benefit when we want to revert our post. We can also compare or show diffs from two revisions. Wiki users should be familiar with this. This Post Revisions feature will be shipped and activated by default. If we think that we do not need this, we can deactivate it easily. Just add define('WP_POST_REVISIONS','0'); in our (wp-config.php). More info about Post Revisions.
WP 2.6: Google Gears support
Description from ticket #6965 tells about this:

First run. Support for Gears managed offline . The patch adds all static files used in the admin interface to a single offline storage. That speeds up page loading a lot, as it serves virtually all requests for static files from the computer’s HD instead of the network. So instead of 50-60 requests to the on some pages, there are only 2-3.

There will be a new small link on the top-right navigation. It says “Speed up!“. Learn more about Google Gears.

Some Opera Features I Don't Use

Even Opera offeres many features to get the most from a web , I do not use all of them on my daily basis. Sometime, I do not use them at all. This is similar to other technologies like . There are many , but usually, we do not use them all even they’re all there. So, here are some features I do not use (or, I only use some of its features):

  • Opera Built-in Client — I like reading email from the web (using browser). This is because email client does not suit me — especially related to my connection speed.
  • Reader — I already have hundreds of feeds in my Google Reader.
  • Chat — I am not comfortable using Opera built-in chat.
  • Opera Widgets — I use it but only some ( than 10 widgets).

There are still many Opera capabilities, of course. I just like when I use Opera to browse the internet; using Opera as web browser.

WordPress Upgrade: 1.5.2 to 2.5.1

Yesterday, I helped my client to upgrade some of her WordPress-powered blogs. When I ugpraded — mine, friends’ or clients’, I found it very easy; and the process run smoothly. The only difference — when I updated my client’s — was that it was a big-jump upgrades: from WordPress 1.5.2 to 2.5.1. I used the standard procedures: backup, backup and backup. Not only the databases, but also the core files. Luckily, my client does not have many installed.
In short, all worked without problems. It took one simple click after uploading the new files — sweet!

Dokter dan Kunjungan Resmi Pejabat

Tentang dokter dan kunjungan resmi pejabat

Resminya memang ada dua dokter yang bertugas di Puskesmas Enggano. Nyatanya mereka tidak pernah bertugas melayani masyarakat kami. Hanya sekali mereka hadir waktu ada kunjungan resmi pejabat dari pusat

Feedburner Subscriber Comparison Tool

Feed Compare
Using Feedburner, we can find out easily about how many subscribers we have. Not only that, can also help us handling the bandwdith usage caused by our feeds. There is a called Feed Compare. It’s a service to compare number of subscribers. This online tool can be used easily. Just provide the feed name (or full Feedburner ) and click on the “Compare” button. Right now, it seems that it can only compare four feeds at a time.

On Opera 9.5

I did not wait any longer to download Opera 9.5. It’s still fresh, and because I’m comfortable with this . Because I do not have many addons — like in , I just upgraded it. The upgrade process was easy, just like doing a fresh install.
The new interface looks great and well-polished. The window tab is redesigned and I think it’s much better than before. Look at the below. It uses the standard skin, special effects-enabled with “Sand” color scheme.
Opera 9.5 Standard Skin
I am not saying that I do not like the new skin desin, but I like to have it simpler. Previously, I use another skin called “Flat”. I want to keep my clean so that I can focus on the content. Here is my current skin using the same color scheme. It has slimmer tabs, not many colors, and smaller … and I like it.
Opera Flat Skin
I do not use all features offered by Opera because I do not use Opera as my other applications like reader, client, or chat. I choose to use web-based like Gmail and Google Reader. About other accessories, I have some Opera widgets installed: Ruler, The Colours of The Rainbow and CSS Help. Well, I miss Firefox when it’s about extensions/addons. But, it’s fine for me if I do not have them in Opera. :)
I still want to have Opera as my best browser, but I still find it hard to have it really customized for me. I’d like have Greasemonkey really works in Opera. I know, it’s said that Greasemonkey already supported by Opera since Opera 8.0 (more about User Javascript). But, I still find it difficult to have work. Anyone? Overall, I love this and I just hope there are more official tutorials to get the most from Opera (for users who already love Firefox); something like: How to get these in Opera?