WordPress 2.2.3 and WordPress MU 1.2.5

Are you WordPress user? These are some info for you. Last week — I know, it’s probably an old news — WordPress 2.2.3 had been released. This includes some bug fixes and issues (see the closed bugs).
If you’re running an older version, download it and upgrade your .
Another release is related to WordPress MU. The latest WordPress MU distribution (1.2.5) released for public on September 10, 2007.
I maintain some WordPress-powered sites, and I am thinking of upgrading all of them this weekend. I hope everything will go smoothly.

Mug Design II

Few days ago, I mentioned about mug design. Yesterday, I had them ready. And here are some of them.
Mug Design (Picture #1)

Institute Tambal Ban

Institute Tambal Ban
Not far from SMA 1 .

Bumble Bee with Paper

Bumble Bee with Paper
Chairman Mao had said that people can achieve everything he wants in case of his courage. Later I got an idea to make one by myself.” (hat tip: godote)

Illustration and Avatar Maker Online Tools

When we register to a , we have the ability to change our profile/ information. And one of them is on the or avatar . The main reason because we want to incorporate our avatar to our account. Well, better than the default image/ provided by the .
But sometime, creating an avatar takes too much time. Not only because we have to deal with complicated for image editing, but also we lack of ideas. What kind of avatar? We can create our own avatar and illustration in ease. Portrait Illustration Maker and Otaku Avatar Maker are available for free.
Illustration and Avatar Maker
The input fields will help you creating your favorite avatar or illustration. You can choose the background, foot, hair type, eyes color, etc. If you have created them, you can simply save your work and use it for your need. Nice !

Opera Browser 9.50 Alpha Released!

Opera Software released Opera Browser 9.50 Alpha (code name Kestrel). I use two primary browsers in my daily basis activities. and Mozilla Firefox. I think I use Opera more than . I like what Opera offered (including what Kestrel introduced). Of course Opera does not have all Firefox has, and the vice versa.
If you have plan using this , you’d probably want to give your attention to some of these things:

I have downloaded and installed it. And so far, I LIKE it!

Welcome back Avianto!

Today, I would like to greet Boy Avianto. He continues blogging again by breaking his “two years without new posts” . Personally, I like his posts, especially when he writes about technology, and web standards.
Again, welcome back Avianto. And I promise that I will stop asking you this: kapan blognya aktif lagi?