Joining CSS Reboot

I decided to join Reboot (Spring 2007 Reboot). I heard about this ‘reboot’-thing for long time, and now, I take a risk to join it. If you still do not know about what CSS Reboot is, I hope these sentences will help you.

The CSS Reboot is a for web professionals and enthusiasts. Every November 1st and May 1st at 18:00 GMT, Rebooters from all over the world launch their standards based redesigns simultaneously; bringing traffic, interest and a little respect to their sites. There are no prizes or arbitrary winners, just great exposure and the knowledge that we all participated in something great.

There are some Indonesian bloggers/designers joining this event.

  1. Gage ‘Sevenova’ Batubara
  2. Deny ‘Deepblue’ Sri Supriyono
  3. Didats Triadi
  4. Arif Widianto
  5. Andry S Huzain(?) Hey, you!

Anyone else?
Well, regarding to this reboot, I have closed all comments and trackbacks for all blog entries. I want to re-organize things, clean up everything. I want to take the risk, because I have many works to do now.. Well, let’s see. See you on May 1st, 2007!

Leave your contents naked, undressed

Manekin picture
When we post an entry in our blogs, we do some content formatting. For example, you use , , etc. But, you probably ‘beautify’ your content using another methods. For example, I see blogs when they use inline formatting rather than using stylesheet. In its post, I can see something like this:
Vestibulum ante ipsum primis in faucibus orci luctus et ultrices posuere cubilia Curae; Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus.
I will stop here. I am sure you know what I mean here, right?
“What’s wrong with that? The output is fine!”. Exactly, you can have exactly what you want right now. But what if we bring this to a next level?
Long time ago, I had a friend asked me to help him on redesigning a blog. He wanted to have dark . When he asked for a help, he used a ‘white’ theme. Sounds easy, right? Well, it should be easy, IF he left his content unformatted. What made it more difficult was that the titles also had ‘style’.
For example, in a blog , you will see something like this (default):

Your title goes here

And, what I saw was:

Your title goes here

It might not be a “nightmare” if you do not have many posts. But, what if you have many posts? What if you have hundreds of posts? In some cases, I still use inline formatting, as long as ‘the content will be fine when I use another ’.