Deliver your information correctly

If you build a , you will deal with tags. Like or not, it is a must. You will deal with headings, paragraph, list, definitions, etc. To be more spesific, if you have blogs, you will see many tags.
When we make a web page, we make a document. Just like when you work with document like Word or Open Office. What are the characteristics?

  • Your document has many headings
  • Your document has paragraphs
  • If you want to display a list of information, you will display them as “list”
  • If it is a definition, you will display it as a “definition”
  • and more…

“Hey, but the most important thing is that I can display the information, the information is there!”

That’s probably a common answer. But, if you call yourself a web designer, you should — once again, “should” — know how information should be delivered in a web document. To be more clear, take a look at these two examples:

This is a title

You put some information here.


This is a title

You put some information here.

Both have exactly the same “information”. But, they are displayed in different way. Which is the better? Which one is correct?
Another example:

  • List number one
  • List number two
  • List number three
  • List number four


- List number one
- List number two
- List number three
- List number four

Now, you can see the difference, right?

Checking Account Balance (Klik BCA)

I have been a customer of BCA for years. And, one of its I use regularly is the internet banking (also known as Klik ); to check my balance. I just realize that it takes ‘too many steps’ only to check it.
If I want to check my account balance, these are some steps:

  • Log on to, and fill in User ID and . After logging in, you will be prompted to a welcome page. Here, you will see last login information, and a greeting. (see Figure 1 and 2)
  • Click on the “Informasi Rekening” (Account Information) tab. (Figure 3)
  • The after having the “Informasi Rekening” tab opened, click on the “Informasi Saldo” (Account Balance Information). (Figure 3)
  • You will see your account balance now. (Figure 4)

Klik BCA Login page
Klik BCA Customer Welcome page
Klik BCA Balance Information menu tab
Klik BCA Balance Information page
Well, why not having the account balance information directly after logging in?
Just my 2 cents.

Garuda Indonesia GA-200 crashed in Jogjakarta

Today, another plane Boing 737-400 (GA-200) crashed in . I heard this news for the first time from TV (the local TV station) by . She — I think she is a Jogja TV reporter — told me the story (about the plan accident). Then, she asked me about Mr. Suwardjono‘s phone number — he is my uncle. I think she got info that Mr. Suwardjono was one of the passengers.

I directly gave her his phone number (also his house, and his wife’s). I had no idea what happened at that time. I was cleaning my room when I got the call. I was not in front of my computer. I did not watch . I was panic.
Then, I dialed Suwardjono’s number. He replied. We had a brief conversation. He told me that he was fine, his seat was near the emergency exit. Thank God! Having got the information from him, I went back to my computer, reading the news. Oh my…
I sent an to his daughter in US, to let her know about the accident (and tell her that her dad is fine).

Zookoda, your blog's friend

Zookoda logo
If you are a , do you have a plan to have these for your blog?

  • You want to build traffic and readership to your blog.
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  • You want your readers to subscribe to your . Once they are subscribed, your readers will received an update directly to their inbox.
  • You want your readers put information you need. Not only email address, but also some other fields e.g. mailing address, city, country, etc.
  • You want to do those things above easily, from a single , from a friendly interface.
  • You want them to be hosted by a , because you do not have your own account.
  • You want to have a professional look.
  • You want to build traffic and readership to your blog.
  • You want to have a report for each feature.

If you want to have something like I mentioned above, you should try Zookoda, blog email. You can get all those features by registering to Zookoda. And, the best thing that it’s free! For its rich features, Zookoda is a blog email. It is a solution for your blog.