Bird flu hits Jogjakarta?

I just heard a news from Buletin Siang (RCTI). The news reported that there was one died because of bird flu in . One child from Magelang (near Jogjakarta) was died. Few months ago, there was a bird flu case in (near Jogjakarta too). And the story gone.

WordPress 2.1 Ella

WordPress 2.1 (release name: Ella) is ready for public. This includes over 550 bug fixes. A week ago, 2.0.7 was released. Two weeks ago, 2.0.6. If you want to get the latest (and technology), your WP should be upgraded.

Drupal 5

On its 6th birthday, Drupal releases its latest version: Drupal 5.0. As an information, 4.0 was in 2002. The videocast about upgrading to 5.0 is also available. If you are Drupal fans, a multi-domain module has been released too.

WordPress 2.0.7

Last week, WordPress 2.0.6 was released. Now, if you have upgraded your to 2.0.6, it is recommended to upgrade to 2.0.7.

WordPress 2.0.6

If you’re WordPress users, you can now download the newest : WordPress 2.0.6.