3D Examination of the Mona Lisa: Photographs and Images of the Project . Was the Monalisa pregnant? Do not forget to read an article from BBC News about Mona Lisa pregnancy theory mooted

Three-year-old buys pink convertible on Internet

Jack’s mother told the BBC she had left her for the eBay auction in her computer and her son used the “buy it now” option to complete the purchase. Purchasing what? A pink car: 9,000 pounds ($17,000). Hohoho! (News from Reuters)

Combining RSS feeds

Few days ago, I combined entries from my journal and bookmark section in front page. It works nice, just like what I expected. And, if you notice, there is a new now: .NET Bookmark RSS. Thank you subscribers!
I was thinking: why not making a combined RSS feed so that only need to subscribe to one feed? I think the mechanism (in making the RSS feed) will not be difficult. Okey, I will try in my local MT first.
I know it might flood the Planet Terasi later (if I use the main RSS feed as the combined RSS). So, sorry Planet Terasi reader for the inconvinience. And sorry for those who subscribe to my RSS feed.
I am working on it right now. Be back in few minutes.
Added later: Okey, the combined feed is ready. If you subscribe to my journal feed, you will find entries from my Bookmark section as well.


Bila setelah eksekusi terpidana belum mati, bintara diperintah melepaskan tembakan pengakhir dengan menempelkan ujung laras senjata persis di atas telinganya. (source)

I am a blogger

Wimar Witoelar, “I am a blogger“. Pak WW, you are a great ! PS: Pak, your RSS is broken (fixed now! Thanks PO!), I can’t can subscribe to it.

Eight Below

Today, I watched Eight Below with Lala. I love the story. Yeah, I know the story is not special, but… I love it. The dogs: Maya, Max, Old Jack, Dewey, Buck, Shorty, Truman, and Shadow.

Demam Nge-Blog di Metro TV

Wimar Witoelar of Perspektif Online and Budi Putra will talk about blog. Where? MetroTV! When? This Saturday, September 23, 2006 at 2:30 PM. Who’s gonna be the host? I hope this programme will have the regular host. Haha! Can’t wait! Update: What was going on in the show? Clara Lila and Erna Indriana reported for Perspektif Online.

Malangraya and Adaptive Path Design

I know it is an old story. Go to Malangraya dotCom : Cakrawala Informasi Malangraya. If you are not sure what I mean, try to visit Adaptive Path. Lembaga Kinarya Bangsa, GRAHA INFORMATIKA, Malang – ? Anyone?

ICON Retrospective

ICON Retrospective: visual art exhibition at Jogja Gallery. September 19 – November 19. More than 30 participants.

Walking Shark

Walking Shark More than 50 new species have been discovered off the coast of Indonesia, including small, slender-bodied sharks that “walk” with their fins along coral reefs, researchers announced today. Do not forget to see the video. (News from National Geographic News)


WordPressExport is a plugin written for ’s iPhoto which automates the process of getting your onto your WordPress blog.

Bandung, saya datang…

Hari ini, berangkat ke Bandung…

Steve Irwin… no more 'Crikey!'

William just told me that Steve Irwin killed by stingray. At first, I was not sure about who Steve Irwin. But, after opening the … Ah! This Steven Irwin!
Yeah, Steven Irwins’ Crocodile Hunter is one of great TV programme. Many information we can get, right?