Gudeg Favicon favicon. Sama dengan…

Hello Kitty Blog

Even Hello Kitty has a blog. You? (via)

Yahoo! Redesigns

Yahoo! now using the new design. Good bye beta. :)

Photos: Eclipse

Eclipse, eclipse and eclipse at Flickr.

Blogger grounded

Blogger grounded by her airline. Sometimes, it is not only about . (via)

Accessibility Toolbar

Web Accessibility Toolbar

Debate Notes

Bush’s Debate Notes.

Blogtools interface

MT vs. WP vs. TxP: Interface .

Study Abroad

Avianto shares his story about studying abroad. And Budi Rahardjo has a guide in Bahasa Indonesia. Must read!

Firefox toolbar

Google Firefox Toolbar.

Situs Terbaik

Nominasi Situs Terbaik versi Komputer Aktif. Kategorinya penilaian banyak.

Future test

Testing future post feature. This entry should be posted at 4 AM.

Google Desktop

Google Desktop: Search your own computer.


Gado-gado-nya Kemas Y. Antonius. Layak untuk dinikmati.


Friends don’t let friends use Internet Explorer. Haha!