Yahoo! and CSS, marry on the net

When I open it for the first time… “Hey! Soooo neat!”. I think it is great! Yes, great!. Just go to Yahoo! site and My Yahoo!

It is about time. Yours?


Three GB email storage. (via)

SHM ethics

The Sydney Morning Herald code of ethics.

fiftyfoureleven a perpetual state of tweak.

Kamu dan kerikuhan

Kamu, kau, engkau, Kau, anda. Arghh!

Kalsy needs PHP developer

Adam Kalsey is looking for a PHP developer.

It is more about attitude

Some Indonesians bloggers has interesting topics I think. First about a guy named Roy Suryo. And the next thing about Anne Ahira.

Mena Trott at DW Magz

Kristopher Krug (his other : #1, #2)shares his interview with Mena Trott of MT.

Roy Suryo

Roy Suryo, Roy Suryo, Roy Suryo, Roy Suryo, Roy Suryo, Roy Suryo, banyak ketemu di weblog. This is freedom of speech, right? Pakai MT 2.661 karena free dan authornya lebih dari satu?. “How to encounter this? Start and start writing. Why not start writing? I have no idea. pak?”

Nice words from class

In my study, I have a favorite subject. It is English Social Structure. But why I like this course? Well, many reasons. First I have a native speaker in this course. Her name is Clare. For me, and I am sure for the other, she is nice. She also makes the class more interesting for her skill to bring the class into a discussion, and communication of course.

Firda Beka fresh start

Few months ago, I saw her unfinished index, now… she’s back. And still one of my favorite.

Roy Suryo blog?

Ikhlasul Amal has some points why it is better if Roy Suryo starts blogging. Why not?

Start blogging?

Phil Windley on How to Start a Blog. (Cake from Coret Moret)