Weekend … and Telkomsel

Last weekend — Satuday — I involved in an hold by Telkomsel. I have a teamwork at my small company and we have an opportunity to arrange an event for . So, it was an event “Gelar Gemilang Telkomsel” at Playen, Gunung Kidul. We are responsible as the event organizer. And, it was a big success!
There is a new Telkomsel BTS at Playen. And together with my friend Alma, we were the host. :) In black and red costume. There was also a firework as a part of the entertainment. Overall, it was a great and successful event.
Great to all in the teamwork: Itok, Fani, Dini, Alma, Yuli, Freddy, Wawan, Chandra, Dodik, Bagus, and some other friends participated in the event. Great teamwork!
The next day, all day with Lala. :)

RSS Specs

Everything you need to know about RSS. Worth to read.

Gmail Invitation

I got another six invitations for GMail account. If anyone still interested, just let me know in the comment.

Updated: I have sent some invitations. I do not know whether it is in the same condition with Yahoo! Mail. So, if you requested and your used in this comment is @yahoo.com … please check your Bulk.

Blogging? Do I have to?

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Still MT

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Blogger Navbar

Another gift from Blogger. It is Blogger Navbar. (Cake from Stopdesign)

Password protected blog

If you are using MT, and you want to protect your blog. There is a method by Adam Kalsey.

On the coming MT 3.1

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Switch to Firefox

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Warnadunia.NET, 2 years

It has been two years. Happy birthday to my warnadunia.net. Greet to all (active and inactive) subdomains nested here. Two years and still running… :)
Many things happens, and I am happy to be here with this domain.